'Tirol Trophy'- LLA Weitau


Driver's meeting with "Tirol Trophy" in the LLA Weitau - great driving course.
Exciting competitions around the carriage driving.
Dressage and cone driving - the Tyrol Cup standings!

Numerous applications and visitors to the Riding and Driving Club Kitzbühel Alps pleased as organizers today.
For food and drink very well taken care of
The purpose of this tournament: Preparation and training of horses and drivers for the higher classes Sports Tournament.
Each team must take a dressage test and obstacle course, which is controlled by a certified judge and
be evaluated. First, the team must pass a training task where response accuracy, harmony and suppleness
be evaluated. Also the equipment, such as dishes, cars and clothes of the driver and front passenger should match the respective Anspannungsart.
The individual dressage movements are assessed by the judge with points.
When an obstacle course obstacle course of cones with max. 18 goals built, located on each of the cones, a ball at the slightest touch
falls down, which then results in penalty points. The passage width of each barrier gate is adapted to each team. The Durchfahtsbreite is given by
the track width of the car plus 30cm to 40cm, (F1 ÖFAB or license, F2), depending on the class of the driver.
When the obstacle driving skill and speed of horse and rider is asking. Since it is usually considered on time and error.

Beginning dressage: 9 30th clock
Obstacle: 13 clock

Location: LLA Weitau, St. Johann in Tyrol

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Su09:30 Time

Sunday, June 24, 2018


LLA WeitauSt. Johann in Tirol


Reit- und Fahrverein Kitzbüheler AlpenSchwendter Str. 336382 Kirchdorf in Tirolkatharina.schminke@gmx.at

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