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Tyrolean Inn - an established trademark

The "Traditional Tyrolean Inn" (Tiroler Wirtshauskultur), identified by its green sign and displayed by approximately 130 businesses in the country, advertises the inn's special touch and high quality. More than 20 years ago, an association of the same name was founded to give the member companies a unique trademark and to revive and develop the local and traditional cuisine.

"Tyrolean Grey Cheese and Beer" in the Traditional Tyrolean Inn at the edge of the forest on a day's excursion, is of no comparison to the five-course meal in a gourmet restaurant. What's important is the combination of the various components involved - the atmosphere, the quality of the products and originality of the dishes as well as, of course, the dedication and commitment of the hosts.

Tyrolean Inn

The basic elements of the initiative apply to all businesses equally:
the love of the Tyrolean dishes, the use of fresh products from the land, water and forests, and the special attention to the authentic atmosphere and architecture.

These elements are the hallmarks of all culinary establishments. Of course there is a broad spectrum of establishments within these guidelines, each one applying their individual style - the host and hostess, the regional origins, the structural conditions and the agricultural environment.

Member Company Categories

Once a year, all member companies are inspected, ensuring that the specified criteria is being adhered to. Gourmet business or simple excursion destination inn - the basic criteria apply to all. Therefore the member companies are classified into three categories.

The Village Inn

Just as the church and the school, the inn also belongs to the fundamentals of village life. The "Stammtisch" (the Regulars' Table) as a contact point for sharing information, news, needs of the locals or just meeting friends is also considered to be a fixed feature just as the local brass band's annual ball, weddings or funerals are. These dining and function requirements can be provided for by the local inn. The kitchen can cater for selective menus for various types of functions, appetites and budgets, providing the customer with his desired event. The consistent good quality, care and attention, not forgetting the tradition and atmosphere, all give the establishment its typical charisma, making the inn an integral part in the lives of the local residents and tourists in their choice of holiday destination.

The Excursion Inn!

This type of inn gets its character by the request of the guest to combine a stop-off while enroute to a destination, a small refreshment before or after a walk, a hike or a drive. The culinary delights can serve as an additional attraction as part of a beautiful nature experience or a particular attraction in the area. The food on offer in such an excursion inn is wide-ranging, from simple and down to earth, to sophisticated. The atmosphere and style of the inn, as well as the pleasures for the palate, will make the visit to the inn, even without great weather, a great memory!

The Gourmet Inn!

High standards of quality and creativity in the kitchen are an unspoken "must" for those who have dedicated themselves to the sophisticated Tyrolean cuisine. It is not only the sumptuous encounter that is considered in the specific standard evaluation but also the ambiance and atmosphere of the inn, the tableware and glassware provided as well as an excellent service contributing to making a visit to a "Gourmet Inn" such a pleasure for all the senses and an outstanding experience. The consistency of all components of hospitality in above average quality is what distinguishes this type of inn and requires a high level of enthusiasm from the entire team and the hosts. These criteria among others are the requirements to receive a "toque" awarded by Gault Millau, although with such an overall high level of cuisine and hospitality the host also deserves the title "Gourmet Inn".

Members of the "Traditional Tyrolean Inn" association in the Kitzbühel Alps


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