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Austrian Star Classification - Apartment

There are many quality approved establishments in the Kitzbühel Alps. The ratings are awarded by various institutions, which set the criteria and then undertake the assessment. Participation is voluntary and up to the host themselves, which is why the absence of such an award does not necessarily accredit the quality of the establishment.

Definition and distinction between the individual categories

One star *

Simply furnished, very price-conscious guests, meets basic needs.

Two star **

Basically furnished with simple comforts, budget-travellers ideal.

Distinction from one star
The apartments are bigger and more comfortably furnished.

Distinction from three stars
The quality of the furnishings is based on its functionality and cleanliness; the actual items are of less importance.

Three star ***

Apartment houses and apartments with sophisticated, uniform furnishings and homely character.
Guests expect more then just the basic furnishings and comforts.

Distinction from two stars
More tastefully furnished, bigger area, better layout (eg. hallway, sitting area etc. )

Distinction from four stars
Smaller area, in good condition, older furnishings possible.

Four star ****

First class furnishings ie. spacious area with good quality, contemporary furniture, good sound insulation.
Often with extensive in-house facilities (eg. spa, sport)

Distinction from three stars
More spacious area, very high quality furnishings, due to high maintenance costs, in very good condition.

Classifications system in Austria

The Austrian hotel classification is a standardised, valid system throughout the country and provides guests and travel companies with a reliable indication as to the quality of the hotels and accommodation providers on offer.

The allocation of a star category takes place at the request of the business, carried out by independent commissions. Regular inspections and self-control ensure the quality is maintained.

The classification of hotel and accommodation providers is distinguished by its form of trade eg. Hotel Garni or Bed & Breakfast establishments as opposed to full-catering establishments eg. Hotels, Inns etc. The difference between the two categories is defined by the catering facilities. Specific guidelines apply to apartment houses or similar business which offer no or minimum services.


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