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Measures of the ski schools

Learning to ski with lots of fun!

The Brixen Valley ski schools have always been known for the fact that their ski instructors had a lot of fun at work and that the students at the end of the ski course continued to ski with at least as much fun and enthusiasm. We can assure you: This will not change this winter either. On the contrary: it will be even better!

Measures of the ski schools

  • checkSmaller groups: This winter, ski school groups must not be larger than 10 persons. For the ski students this means: even more efficiency, even more fun and even more skiing.

  • checkChanged starting times: In some cases the starting times of the courses are slightly adjusted. The morning rush on the ski meadows and practice areas will thus be slightly equalised.

  • checkAdjusted lunch times: The ski instructors are encouraged to reserve lunch in advance in the mountain huts and to adjust the lunch times a little. This means for you: Maybe you will eat a little bit before noon at 12:00 o'clock, but you will have it much more relaxed and comfortable.

  • checkTested ski instructors: Even before the start of the service, at the beginning of winter, all ski instructors are tested for COVID-19. In order to ensure ongoing safety, the ski instructors are also tested once every week as a preventive measure.

  • checkNo group change: Both teachers and students are encouraged not to change the groups they are in. The contact between the instructors will be limited as much as possible to ensure everyone's safety.

  • checkMouth and nose protection: As is currently the case in all other areas of life, MNS is mandatory in ski courses. Both teachers and students should wear it not only at the cable cars but also during the courses.

  • checkCancellation rules: Some ski schools offer attractive cancellation regulations, which allow free short-term cancellations in case of corona disease.

  • checkContact Tracing: The ski schools ensure that ski school guests are registered under the data protection regulations.

Recommendations for ski students

  • checkWear mouth-and-nose protection: In the ski courses this year, MNS is also obligatory outdoors, as the minimum distance cannot always and everywhere be maintained when teaching.

  • checkKeep your distance: Nevertheless, the following applies to ski courses: Wherever possible, a certain minimum distance should be kept from people who are not part of the household.

  • checkPrivate ski instructor: Have you ever considered booking a private instructor? In times like these, you will definitely ski even safer with a private instructor. No other people in the course, more individual, faster learning, flexible timing, etc. The higher costs are almost a minor matter.

  • checkBook in advance: Book your ski course online in advance to reduce waiting times in the ski school offices. Note: actively ask for attractive and flexible cancellation conditions. Some ski schools offer really accommodating and attractive offers.

  • checkCashless payment: Please try to avoid cash where possible.

  • Corona Maßnahmen Tirol
  • Corona Maßnahmen Tirol
  • Kinder mit Skilehrer Übungsgelände Hopfgarten

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