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Data privacy statement for the Kitzbüheler Alpen Newsletter

Legal provisions for the newsletter subscriber of the Kitzbüheler Alpen

Newsletter subscription Kitzbüheler Alpen:
Terms of use - Data privacy - General Terms and Conditions (GTC)
1.) Preamble
a) The Kitzbüheler Alpen Marketing GmbH (hereinafter also called Operator in short) runs an internet platform in the context of the website as well as all associated sub-websites and/or local sites of the partner tourism associations.
b) The operator, within the scope of this internet platform, provides the service "Newsletter", among others, voluntarily, non-bindingly, at no charge and without any liability whatsoever.
c) Prerequisite for using this service is registration by the user with various internet campaign and/or so-called "landing pages". By registering or using the interactive service, the user expressly and bindingly accepts the Terms of Use / General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter in short: GTC) cited here.
d) The provision of the service "Newsletter" takes place without any obligation whatsoever on part of the operator and its partner tourism associations in the Kitzbüheler Alpen. It is authorised to at any time and without prior notification and without giving reasons and with immediate effect modify in full or in parts, supplement, discontinue and, without prior notice, irretrievably delete all stored user data and information in full or in parts. Any claims for damages by users against the operator resulting from this, of whichever nature they may be, are expressly excluded.
b) Exclusion of all liability and warranty claims
a) A comprehensive exclusion of all liability on part of the operator is expressly stipulated between the operator and users.
b) The operator shall in particular not be liable for the accessibility, punctuality, correctness, accuracy, permanent or merely temporary storage or publishing of the data and information made available by users or for the reliability of the services.
c) The operator does not assume any liability for any damages, of whichever kind, incurred by a user or a third party from the usage of the operator's services by whomever and even if the user expressly accepts a comprehensive release from liability; this in particular also for any financial damages, for whomever, which in particular arise through illegal use or use contrary to the terms of use of the operator, in particular of the "Newsletter", at all events through others or with other users.
d) The operator does not assume any warranty whatsoever in connection with the "Newsletter" and no assurance or warranty or other concessions of whichever kind granted in this regard.e) The operator shall not be liable for the correctness and content of details entered by the users in the registration and/or profile data of the users.
f) The operator shall in particular not be liable for financial, physical or intangible damages arising from the use of this networking and communication platform.
g) The operator shall in particular not be liable for any unauthorised third parties gaining access to the user data (in particular by unauthorised access by "hackers" to the database or due to malicious software).
h) The operator shall in particular also not be liable for any damages arising from the forwarding of, in particular, login data of the user by third parties, in particular when the user has made these data accessible to third parties him-/herself.

2.) Data protection
a) The operator will store, keep, edit or process user data only with the consent of the user and in accordance with the technical requirements. The user agrees that his/her personal data is stored on the servers of the operator and its tourism association partners in the Kitzbüheler Alpen and, as far as technically required, is processed.
b) The personal data of the user is treated as strictly confidential by the operator in accordance with the provisions of the Data Privacy Act. These data will not be passed on to any third parties
c) The operator will not make accessible any personal details or data of the user to third parties without prior consent, unless this is provided for due to legal obligations or based on the terms of use; furthermore, if the operator should deem as necessary such a course of action for significant reasons in order to defend or protect rights or property of the operator or protecting the interests of other users.

3.) Involvement of third parties
a) The operator is authorised to assign third parties with the performance, maintenance and support of parts of or all of the range of its services within the scope of the internet platform, in particular the "Newsletter".
b) Data privacy shall remain unaffected by this.

4.) Electronic attacks (hackers, crawlers, etc.)
a) Electronic attacks of any kind against the platform / database / network or all data of the operator or individual users connected to these are strictly prohibited. Each and every electronic attack will result in the immediate disqualification of the user and will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law.

5.) Data privacy – Consent newsletter subscription bu user:
I expressly consent to my aforementioned details (first name, surname, email address) being used by the Kitzbüheler Alpen Marketing GmbH and its partner tourism associations in the Kitzbüheler Alpen for the purpose of e-marketing. I expressly consent to my aforementioned data also being used in particular for commercial purposes (such as market research purposes, information mailings by partner tourism associations).

I agree to the forwarding of my personal data to third-party companies. I also acknowledge that I can revoke my consent for the usage of my data at any time by email to, by fax or phone to +43 57507 and by mail to Kitzbüheler Alpen Marketing GmbH, Dorfstraße 11, A-6365 Kirchberg in Tirol.

I herewith declare that I am of legal age and authorised to provide this declaration of consent. I have read and understood in full the above information regarding the use of my data.

Legal details

Legal details
Legal details

Legal details and disclosure: Information as per § 5 E-Commerce statute/ disclosure as per § 25 media law More info


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