Wemeteigen (bis 6SL)


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The climbing area at the Wemeteigenalm high above the Strubtal is one of the most beautiful located ones in the area. A selection of ca. 100 routes (30m-150m), ranging in levels of difficulty from 3 to 10 of which many are moderately difficult and well secured, guarantee a wonderful climbing day whether in spring, summer or autumn.
The rather long ascent is worthwhile for sure.
In order to find all the routes, the climbing guide of Adi Stocker "Steinplatte" is indispensable.

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Wemeteigen (bis 6SL)

  • A Steinplatte West (slab west)
    B Steinplatte Zentral (slab central)
    C Steinplatte Ost (slab east)
    D Wiesloch
    E Wemeteigen
    F Schwollwand
    You reach the mountain pastures either from the parking space at the end of the toll road to the ski resort Waidring and via the Stallenalm and Grünwaldalm or from the state road between Strub and Waidring via a forest road and a designated path. In both ways, it takes approximately 1,5 hours.
    The ascent via the Stallenalm and the Grünwaldalm is more beautiful and less exhausting. However, in spring an ascent from the state road might be better due to the snow conditions.