Klettergarten Adolari


Tour information

Since the mid-80s climbing takes place in Adolari. For all the established routes, as well as the path below the rocks, the developers obtained approval from the owners.
Hence, we please all climbers to be aware that you are on private property here. So please consider to prevent noise, bring your garbage with you, etc... this should all be clear anyway.
The rock quality might be frightening to one or the other. The most routes are however already free of loose stones because of the climbing for many years. On the new routes, consider wearing a helmet. At light rainfall, you might still be able to climb in the sector "Esszimmer".
It is an old tradition here at the Adolari, to have one or the other "Weisse" (wheat/white beet) at Tom's place. Hence also the name ""a do lar i a no oane oichi" ("Oh well, there I also have one down [my throat]")

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Klettergarten Adolari

  • From the parking space at Adolari, follow the forest road for ca. 100m and then to the left along a path to the individual rocks. All rocks can be reached within 15 minutes.