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Swimming Lakes, Outdoor and Indoor Pools

Bathe and swim in PillerseeTal

The PillerseeTal is water rich in every sense of the word. The swimming lake Waidring, the refreshing Pillersee in St. Ulrich am Pillersee, the Lauchsee in Fieberbrunn, as well as one indoor and one outdoor pool invite you to splash around and bathe. The eponymous Pillersee is the emerald-green heart of the valley. Refreshingly cold in summer, it entices bathers in on hot days. In the swimming lake Waidring, you can also literally splash around in drinking water – some say, pure luxury, for us PillerseeTal locals it goes without saying. The Lauchsee, which overlooks Fieberbrunn, is muddy and therapeutic, and a paradise for relaxation.

Useful Information

  • checkAll swimming lakes and pools mentioned below are included in the PillerseeTal-Card

  • checkIn the public baths no dogs are allowed.

  • checkException: At Pillersee, dogs on a lead are allowed in the water (NOT in the bathing area)!

  • checkStand Up Paddling at Pillersee and Lauchsee is available (for an extra fee)

Current swimming lake temperatures

Get an overview of the current swimming lake temperatures in the PillerseeTal. The warmest water temperatures can be found at Lauchsee in Fieberbrunn. The boggy bathing water reaches up to 24 degrees or warmer on hot summer days. Those who prefer something cooler, should seek out the Pillersee in the high summer, where water temperatures do not go above 18°. And for those who like to combine swimming lakes and outdoor pools, the Swimming Lake Waidring is perfect.

temperatures opened until updated on
Pillersee 14° C 31.10.2023 28.10.2023
Waidring 21°C 10.09.2023 09.09.2023
Lauchsee 21,5°C 10.09.2023 09.09.2023
Stand Up Paddling

Stand up paddling at Pillersee - fun for all ages!

Swimming and sun bathing all day long can also get boring.

Stand Up Paddling is therefore offered at Pillersee in St. Ulrich am Pillersee and at Lauchsee in Fieberbrunn. On the oversized surfboard you can experience the lake from a different perspective and train your abdominal muscles at the same time.

At the picturesque Pillersee - with a view of the Steinplatte and the Loferer Steinberge - you can even do yoga on the Stand Up Paddle Board. Special courses help participants to keep balance and to not fall into the cold 17° lake.

At Lauchsee both children and adults can try Stand Up Paddling. Here there are actually no courses offered, but for a few Euros you can rent a board for half an hour and discover the lake. You can also comfortably reach an island located in the lake on your board, where you can take a small break.
Beach Volleyball
Dig the ball, set it, and goooo!

Nothing else creates a little more holiday atmosphere, than burying your feet in the hot sand on our beach volleyball court.

Both the Swimming lake in Waidring and the Lauchsee in Fieberbrunn offer a beach volleyball court for holiday guests and locals. Use of the court is included in the entrance fee at both locations.

Additional Wellness Facilities