Alpine inns and mountain restaurants

Culinary snack stops in the mountains in PillerseeTal

Enjoy unspoilt natural surroundings. Want to forget the stress of the daily grind and enjoy some culinary indulgence? In the many Alpine inns and snack stations in PillerseeTal this is possible. A Tirol snack platter or the famous sugared and shredded pancakes taste twice as nice while enjoying the views to the mountains in Tirol! Enjoy culinary moments with family and friends in the middle of the dreamy mountains in PillerseeTal and experience real delicacies. The Alpine inns and mountain restaurants are tempting with sun terraces and table service. Whether it is a snack stop after an adventure-packed day hike or a stop to enjoy a coffee and cake after a leisurely hike - the landlords and landladies pamper you with local and national dishes.

Alpine inns and mountain restaurants
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Breakfast on the mountain

Gift vouchers as a gift tip!

Time together, mountain experiences together, feasting together - that's what a breakfast in the mountains of the PillerseeTal promises. The best thing is to order it now and give it as a gift at the next event.

  • Available online or in the info offices Fieberbrunn, St. Ulrich a. P. and Waidring
  • Voucher worth € 14.00
  • Over 50 participating huts
Not one trace of the hectic pace - pure holiday!
After a long hike you will have gleaned so many impressions and will of course want to share these with others. Where else better to do this than on a sun terrace on one of the many Alpine inns and mountain lodges in PillerseeTal? But we don’t mean sharing it on Facebook and the like, but from person to person. Sitting at the table hikes and feelings of joy on the mountain are recounted - with culinary accompaniment from the wonderful meals created by the Alpine landlords and landladies.

You can even stay the night in a few of the Alpine inns. In the middle of the clear mountain air you sleep twice as well and after a hearty breakfast you can set your sights on the next summit. Back in the inn the wonderful aroma of sugared and shredded pancakes is alluring, so too the hot apple strudel, before you get cosy on the sun terrace with a little glass of something nice. Not one trace of the hectic pace - pure holiday!

Typical Tirol dishes that you ought to try...

  • checkSugared and shredded pancakes

  • checkTirol bacon dumplings

  • checkTirol ‘Gröstl’

  • checkPressed cheese dumplings

  • checkSnack platter

  • checkCheese dumplings

  • checkApple strudel

Musik am Berg

Musik am Berg
Musik am Berg

The landlords and landladies in the PillerseeTal region offer real Tirol folk music and regional treats in the summer, from Tuesday to Friday.


Sugared and shredded pancakes and the like

What is your favourite meal on the mountain? Dani & Sascha asked guests and devised the ‘Kaiserschmarrn Challenge’ !

Live-Musik am Berg

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