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Ski tour tips in PillerseeTal

Fantastic ski tours in the middle of the Kitzbüheler Alps in Tirol

PillerseeTal with the five towns of Fieberbrunn, Hochfilzen, St. Jakob in Haus, St. Ulrich am Pillersee and Waidring is a great base for your ski tour in Tirol. Discover the nicest side of the Kitzbüheler Alpen. A few tour tips can be found here.

Ski tours away from the piste in PillerseeTal

Wildseeloder (2119m)

  • Metres altitude: 150m
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Parking: Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn parking (without fee)
Kitzbüheler Alpen - PillerseeTal - Fieberbrunn - Wildseeloder - Landschaft - Winter © (2)

The starting point for the Wildseeloder tour is the Wildalm (1550m). Take the cable car up to Lärchfilzkogel. From here there is a brief descent to Wildalmen. Ascend on the north side of the Henne through an impressive gully to Wildseeloderhaus. Continue to Seenieder and via the eastern ridge, or the eastern flank, to the summit.

The descent continues via the eastern flank to See (Wildseeloderhaus) and to the north to the Wildalmen, continuing to the Grießenbodenalm, or from the summit through the eastern flank to Seenieder and in a south-westerly direction (across a large snow cornice) to Jufenhöhe, 1890m. Experience the lovely west-facing slope en route to the Untere Grubalm and through the Pletzergraben back to Fieberbrunn (also the opportunity to climb).

Tip: there are a few freeride routes which go through the northern flank of Wildseeloder (in sections these are VERY DIFFICULT).

Platte (1906m)

Neue Aufzählung

    Starting point is the Lärchfilzkogel (1645m). From here there is a brief descent to the Wildalmhöhe. After a "..." ascent in a westerly direction, where you head south to bypass the first elevation, proceed via a gentle ridge until you reach just below the summit and continue via the eastern flank which becomes steeper.

    Metres altitude: 300m
    Time: 1.5 hours

    Descent to the Wildalmen and continue to Grießenbodenalm

    Mahdstein (2063m)

    Starting point is the mountain station for the Hochhörndl chair lift (2020m). Cross the Henne on the south side to the Seenieder and continue (via a steep snow cornice) to Jufenhöhe (1890m). Via a wide ridge to the south, head to the summit rocks (ski storage area). Proceed directly, via steeper sections of rock, and somewhat to the northern side to the summit.

    Metres altitude: 173 m (from Jufenhöhe)
    Time: 1 hour 40 minutes (from the Hochhörndl mountain station)

    Descent: via the Jufenalm to Untere Grubalm and through the Pletzergraben to Fieberbrunn (where there is also an ascent option).

    Bischof (2127m)

    Starting point is the car park for Gasthof Winkelmoos (850m). From here proceed through Pletzergraben to Farmangeralm and then in a southerly direction to the Farmkopf (at the top right you will see the Gebrakapelle) heading to Kranzlacke. At Bischofloch proceed north, up to the building on the summit (ski storage possible) and via the western ridge to the summit.

    Metres altitude: 1277m
    Time: 4.5 hours

    Descent: same as the ascent

    Gebra (2057m)

    Starting point is the car park for Gasthof Winkelmoos (850m). Through Pletzergraben proceed initially to Farmangeralm and then continue to Gebrakapelle. The corrie, which gets steeper, proceeds in a north-westerly direction up to the wind gap beneath the western ridge (possible ski storage area). Proceed initially via the western ridge, then through the southern flank up to the summit.

    Metres altitude: 1207m
    Time: 4 hours

    Descent: as for the ascent

    Spielberg (2044m)

    Starting point is Gasthaus Eiserne Hand (860m). From here proceed to Burgeralm (1256m) and continue, keeping in a northerly direction to Obere Spielbergalm. The route becomes steeper up to Spielbergtörl (1671m) and via the south-western ridge to the summit.

    Metres altitude: 1184m
    Time: 3.5 hours

    Descent: as for the ascent

    Kleberkopf (1757m)

    Starting point is Gasthaus Eiserne Hand (860m). Initially the same route to Spielberg, but not to Obere Spielbergalm, instead, head north (past the 'Jagdhütte') to the dip between Kleberkopf and Spielberg, and via the eastern ridge to the summit.

    Metres altitude: 897m
    Time: 3 hours

    Descent: same as the ascent

    Karstein (1922m)

    Starting point is the Rohrbauer (around 1000m). Proceed on the woodland trail through Buchenwald to Edenhausalm. Before you get here, heading south and bearing left, you get to the eastern ridge of the Karstein. Stay on this still forested ridge and via a few steep sections to the summit.

    Metres altitude: 920m
    Time: 3 hours

    Descent: same as the ascent. From the summit direct to the steep northern trough and from here down to Eggenalm and back to Edenhausalm.

    Ski tours on the piste in PillerseeTal

    More and more ski tourers use the pistes in the ski areas as a safe way to ascend and as an ideal opportunity to get in some training. For safety reasons this is only possible on the designated routes within the set times. In PillerseeTal you can use a few pistes for ski tours.

    Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn

    Every Thursday and Friday the pistes are also open until 5:00 p.m. Touring and skiing are available until 10:00 p.m. on these days!
    Information on ascent routes is available from Bergbahnen Fieberbrunn (Tel.: 0043 5354 56333)

    Bergbahn Pillersee - The Touren ski world of Buchensteinwand

    Every Tuesday and Friday
    On these evenings a variety of ski runs are available for ascents on tour skis from 5:00 p.m. Alpengasthof Buchensteinwand is open until 10:00 p.m. - there is also information here about which pistes are open for descents. Free parking at the valley station.
    Further information about the ascent routes is available from Bergbahn Pillersee (Tel.: 0043 5354 77077)

    Bäckerei Aufstieg

    Bäckerei Aufstieg
    • Distance2,7km

    • Elevation uphill340m

    • Highest1210m

    Hagan Aufstieg

    Hagan Aufstieg

    Hagan Aufstieg


    • Distance2,9km

    • Elevation uphill520m

    • Highest1490m

    Ski hire stations

    Ski hire stations

    Ski hire stations in PillerseeTal not only provide Alpine skis, but also complete ski touring equipment. All the hire stations can be found here.

    Ski hire stations

    Guided tours

    Guided tours

    How about heading out with a ski guide or a mountain guide, who will show you the loveliest summits in PillerseeTal and the best ski runs into the valley.

    Guided tours


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