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Curling in PillerseeTal

This sport has been a tradition in PillerseeTal for hundreds of years and really is a sport for the people. Up until a few decades ago this fun on the ice was the reserve of men, but today most towns have a women's and men's mixed team. Two teams ("Moarschaften") attempt to shoot their curling stones from the standing area ("Stehmatz") as close as possible to a wooden cube ("Hasei"). It is rare that a visitor gets such a great opportunity to take a look into the soul of the Tirol people than they can during a curling session. Spectating and listening in can, if you understand Tirolean, be highly entertaining. Of course it's also really fantastic to visit one of the curling rinks yourself in Fieberbrunn, Hochfilzen, St. Jakob in Haus, St. Ulrich am Pillersee and Waidring.

    Curling rink in Fieberbrunn

    Roofed curling rink right at Lehmgrube sports grounds. The rink can used on Monday and Thursday evenings upon prior arrangement over the phone (there may of course be exceptions.) During the day (2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.) the facilities may also be used from Monday to Saturday inclusive (closed on Sundays).

    Minimum fee: 20,00 Euro / for ten people and over, 2,00 Euro per person
    Register with Mr Martin Bucher (Phone: 0043 664 5988429)

    Ice rink in Hochfilzen

    There is a rink in Bachl; stones may be hired for a "donation to the rink".

    Information and registration available with chairperson, Alois Baumann (Phone: 0043 5359 667 or 0043 664 9793595)

    Ice rink in St. Jakob in Haus

    Roofed ice rink in the hamlet of Moosbach. Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 6:00 p.m., Sundays from 4:00 p.m. (Wednesday and Thursday from 7 p.m. reserved for the local curling team ).

    Reservation: with Mr Alfred Flatscher - phone: 0043 664 73482218
    Use of the rink 1,00 Euro per person; stones are available free of charge.
    Small kiosk sells snacks.

    Curling rink in St. Ulrich am Pillersee

    The covered rink is in Schartental. Stone hire (contribution to costs).

    Reservation - with Mr. Wörter (Phone: 0043 5354 88274)

    Ice rink in Waidring

    Camping Steinplatte, on the ice (dependent on the weather conditions).
    Information and registration: Phone: 0043 5353 5345


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