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Swimming in PillerseeTal - pools and lakes

PillerseeTal is, in the truest sense, (a) KINGDOM OF WATER - numerous indoor and outdoor pools tempt you to have a splash and enjoy a swim. The emerald green Lake Pillersee, which gives the area its name, is situated in the heart of the valley. Refreshingly cool in the summer, it is enticing on hot days. In Waidring swimming lake you get to literally splash around in water which his of drinking quality – pure luxury say some, but for people from PillerseeTal this is just a matter of course. Lauchsee, above Fieberbrunn, which contains moor mud and is healing, providing a paradise for relaxation.

You get to see it on a hike or a cycle tour through PillerseeTal it bubbles and gargles everywhere. Even Father Kneipp would have been happy in PillerseeTal - treading water in the mountains! You can enjoy some Kneipp treatments in Fieberbrunn, Hochfilzen, St. Ulrich am Pillersee and on hot summer days.

Enjoyable swimming, whatever the weather, is available in the "Aubad" indoor and outdoor pool in Fieberbrunn and in the indoor pool in St. Ulrich am Pillersee.

Bathing lake temperatures

Bathing lake temperatures

Get an overview of the current bathing lake temperatures in the PillerseeTal.

☑ Bathing lake Pillersee
☑ Batihng lake Waidring
☑ Bathing lake Lauchsee

Indoor pools, sauna & co

If the weather is not perfect in the summer, there are several indoor pools and wellness facilities in the PillerseeTal. A lot of wellness, relaxation and attractions such as slides, outdoor areas and special baths await you.

Should the weather not be quite so perfect, there are a variety of indoor pools and wellness facilities in PillerseeTal: Wellness, relaxation and attractions, such as slides, outdoor areas and special pools, await you at the pools.

Swimming pools and bathing lakes in PillerseeTal

Numerous benefits

Numerous benefits
Numerous benefits

The PillerseeTal Card is your entry to numerous offers in PillerseeTal. Make the most of its benefits in many businesses and activities!

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