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Jakobsweg trail in Tirol / PillerseeTal

Jakobsweg trail in Tirol proceeds through the districts of Waidring, St. Ulrich am Pillersee, St. Jakob in Haus and Fieberbrunn and is clearly signposted with route markers. During your holiday you also get to hike on spiritual trails and you get to experience the pilgrimage tradition. St. Adolari pilgrimage church, the crossroads at Pillersee, the church in St. Jakob and the Jakobskreuz on top of the Buchensteinwand are just a few of the many special features on the Jakobsweg trail in the PillerseeTal region. Brochures for the entire Jakobsweg trail in Tirol are available in the PillerseeTal tourist information offices.

The MUSSEL is a symbol for pilgrims and used as a spoon or as a drinking vessel. Lots of mussels have a treasure inside, a pearl. This is only formed if the creature successfully encloses a foreign body. In every life story there are difficulties which has person has to overcome and endure. In retrospect, these difficult situations are often valuable to your life experience. Do I have treasure within myself? (talents, imagination, love, vigour,....)

Besinnungsweg Stab cmyk

The STAFF provides support and stability, shows the way, can be used as a means of defence and helps overcome obstacles. Where do I find support in life? (beliefs, family, friends,...) For whom should I be a strong staff? Don't break someone else's staff!

Besinnungsweg Hut cmyk

The HUT protects people, their provisions, their honour, their paradigm. You protect your house, your family, flock, values. On the pilgrimage trail of life we fill our everyday bottles with water, and with wine on celebratory days. Yet how do we refuel for life? With friends, family, our job, nature, beliefs and hobbies! Am I careful with natural resources, with the people around me? Be moderate when your pleasure is at the expense of others!

Positive experiences, self-dialogue and conflict with the landscape and the natural surroundings - all this is to be promoted by the new sensory trail in St. Jakob i. H.!


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