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Ski passes in Kirchdorf in Tirol - Ski pass prices for the ski areas in Tyrol

The skiing areas of the Kitzbüheler Alpen are among the best in Tyrol and know the different requirements of skiers exactly. Ski passes for all requirements are available in the ski area of Kirchdorf in Tirol - no matter if late riser ticket, day pass, family pass or weekly pass! Here you can find all the details for unlimited skiing fun on your winter holidays in Kirchdorf in Tirol.

Click on the skiing areas below, to open detailed ski pass price lists:

Ski area St. Johann in Tirol / Oberndorf

Winter - SkiStar St. Johann in Tirol

HS PersonHS JugendHS KindNS PersonNS JugendNS Kind
ab 11 Uhr41,5033,0021,0035,5028,5018,00
ab 12 Uhr36,0029,0018,0030,5024,5015,50
ab 13 Uhr31,0024,5015,5026,5021,0013,50
ab 14 Uhr25,0020,0012,5021,0017,0010,50
2 Tage St. Johann85,0068,0042,5072,0057,5036,00
3 Tage St. Johann122,0097,5061,00104,0083,0052,00
4 Tage St. Johann158,00126,5079,00134,50107,5067,50
5 Tage St. Johann191,00153,0095,50162,50130,0081,50
6 - 8 Tage WochenPass St. Johann219,00175,00109,50186,00149,0093,00
9 - 10 Tage St. Johann279,00223,00139,50237,00189,50118,50
11 -12 Tage St. Johann324,00259,00162,00275,50220,50138,00
13 - 14 Tage St. Johann349,00279,00174,50297,00237,50148,50
Pärchentag (jeden Di. ab 09.01.2018)33,000,000,0033,000,000,00

Last update at 19.04.2018 20:56:06 hour

Family ski area Kirchdorf in Tirol

Winter - Kirchdorf

HS PersonHS JugendHS KindNS PersonNS JugendNS Kind
1 Tag29,5023,5017,5029,5023,5017,50
2 Tage53,0042,5031,5053,0042,5031,50
2 Stunden13,5011,008,0013,5011,008,00
Ab 11.00 Uhr22,5018,0013,5022,5018,0013,50
1/2 Tag bis/ab 12.30 Uhr18,0015,0011,0018,0015,0011,00
1 Tag Familienkarte 2E/1K65,000,000,0065,000,000,00
3 Tage76,0060,5045,5076,0060,5045,50
Einzelfahrt (nur Sesselbahn)4,003,002,004,003,002,00

Last update at 19.04.2018 21:04:08 hour

Family ski area Erpfendorf

Winter - Erpfendorf

HS PersonHS JugendHS KindNS PersonNS JugendNS Kind
1 Tag25,0019,0016,0025,0019,0016,00
2 Tage41,0032,0025,0041,0032,0025,00
3 Tage60,0045,0036,0060,0045,0036,00
1/2 Tag bis 12:30 Uhr / ab 12:30 Uhr16,0014,0011,0016,0014,0011,00
Langschläfer ab 11:00 Uhr19,0016,0014,0019,0016,0014,00
2 Stunden12,0010,009,0012,0010,009,00
40-Punkte-Karte (pro Fahrt 3 Punkte Abzug)16,509,009,0016,509,009,00
Familientageskarte (2 Erw. + Kind(er)60,000,000,0060,000,000,00
Familientageskarte (1 Erw. + Kind(er)30,000,000,0030,000,000,00

Last update at 19.04.2018 21:04:08 hour

The best and biggest ski pass for frequent skiers is the Super Ski Card, which combines the skiing areas of Tyrol and in Salzburg state, who have joined up in the skiing network of the Kitzbüheler Alpen. More than 2.750 kilometers of slopes and 800 ski huts guarantee winter fun for the whole family in the skiing network of the Kitzbüheler Alpen in Tyrol.

The hotels and accommodation providers have put together special offers for your winter holidays, ski pass already included. Take a look at the packages for your skiing holidays in Kirchdorf in Tirol!


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