2. 'Koasa Nacht' - Kirchdorf Summer Night Fest


KoasaPROGRAMM 2019  

4 pm:
(Motto: Kirchdorf, your clubs)
Big children KoasaLAND
Children KoasaTOMBOLA
Children KoasaHAPPYHOUR
Children and adults KoasaKARAOKE   

4 pm - 7 pm:
LIVE MUSIC with "Erpfendorfer Tanzlmusi‘g"

7 pm:
Official opening ceremony Children's awards KoasaTOMBOLA Fassanstich by the BGM Gerhard Obermüller  

20.00 - 1:00
Live Music with "69 in the Shade & SOLD my SOUL" !

great KoasaDISCO in the tent!  

Over 26 different stands. Organized by local and guest clubs offering culinary specialties and beverages. 

KoasaSecurityPersonal Fee € 5, -  

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Sa16:00 Time

Saturday, August 3, 2019


centre of KirchdorfKirchdorf in Tirol

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