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Ski touring in Tyrol: Rules for ski tourers

Woipertouringer im Brixental
The Woipertouringer watches over the Kitzbüheler Alpen

Nature is sensitive and reacts to changes immediately or often only after a number of years. Mostly it's the ignorance of hikers and sportspeople that startles wildlife, thus upsetting the balance of nature. Because those who do not sufficiently understand the concerns of others will also find it hard to respect them. That's why in Brixental Valley you will find the Woipertouringer tips; wherever he appears - be it on hiking boards, signs, in brochures and newspapers - he asks for attention and to observe his suggestions. Remindingly he raises his claw and that should be enough to make nature lovers pay attention. The Woipertouringer in now way seeks to curtail your enjoyment of nature, but quite to the contrary seeks to preserve what has always provided enjoyment - the alpine world in all its diversity.

Tips for correct conduct when ski touring

  • During all activities in nature and when selecting a tour, observe the applicable rules (e.g. wildlife reserves, no-hunting zones, reforestation areas, information boards, etc.)
  • Respect the quiet zones for wildlife and avoid feeding spots and loud noise (e.g. fireworks)
  • In winter, cross forested areas only on designated path and routes if possible, animals easily panic when hearing noise they cannot pinpoint.
  • Recognize wildlife habitats when you come across them and avoid the animals if possible. Observe the wildlife from a distance only. Please keep dogs on a leash, it is absolutely irresponsible to let dogs roam around freely in the forest during winter when there is little food to be found.
  • Correct timing: do not sojourn into nature before sunrise and after sunset. No sports activities should be carried in open nature out outside of approved routes and paths.
  • Never drive through reforested areas and areas with new growth.
Abends im Skigebiet
Evening in the skiing area Kirchber - Kitzbühel


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