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Woodland school in Kirchberg in Tirol

Woodland accounts for around half the surface area of Austria and provides a livelihood for a great deal of people. At the same time it also fulfils a great deal of important functions for us, which go beyond just functional. The woodland school Kirchberg provides interested school children, locals and visitors alike an opportunity to increase their knowledge about the woodland.
Waldschule Kirchberg

The woodland school was opened in 2004 after project work by Kirchberg high school, who worked in conjunction with Bezirksforstinspektion Kitzbühel. This area had been and is still made use of today - nationwide - to train woodland instructors. As well as imparting knowledge, the often long-lost connection to and about woodland is brought back to our minds. The pupils at Kirchberg high school were able to inspect the planned area with forestry worker Franz Heim von site, gathering ideas and their wishes and they were proud to be regarded as PIONEERS of Kirchberg's woodland school. Since then the woodland school has been used by pupils and guests alike, enabling them to learn about the natural surroundings in a fun way.

Tip - Every Mondya during the summer holidays - family adventure in the woodland

In the tracks of nature

Our woodland invites you to head out on a voyage of discovery - let us amaze you. Today we learn how much fun there is to be had in the forest. How far does a roe deer leap? What tracks does a fox leave? What does the woodland actually sound like? Is this tree older than you? Come into the woods with us and discover the secrets of nature. Register: by Monday midday in Kirchberg tourist information office Meeting point: in front of the entrance to Kirchberg swimming lake

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