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Rules of conduct so everyone gets along together

To enjoy a safe cycling holiday it is important to pay heed to the rules of conduct and to the signposts.
When the weather has been poor, some routes can be almost impassable; stones and trees may block the route. Routes often proceed through steep terrain where there is the risk of falling. Typically danger sites like these are not secured. Since our forests and alpine pastures have to be tended, be aware that you may encounter vehicular traffic on open MTB routes. It may also be that routes can be blocked on occasions, since the route may be used for wood operations. This is why there are very specific rules of conduct on Tirol's MTB routes, to protect the riders and anyone for whom the forest is a place of work.

Rules of conduct

  • •Always ride at a controlled speed and be aware, especially on bends, since obstacles may occur at any time (e.g. damage to tracks, stones, branches, wood which has been stored for an interim period, grazing cattle, cattle grids, barriers, tractors/forestry machinery, vehicles driven by authorised personnel)!
  • •Look out for hikers and pedestrians and only overtake at walking pace!
  • •Be mindful of the difficulty level of the route and gauge your own experience and skills as a rider accordingly! Protect your head by wearing a helmet and check your equipment before every bike tour (brakes, bell, light)!
  • •Stop at barriers and accept that this route is primarily used for agricultural and forestry purposes! Close pasture gates!
  • •Be mindful of the natural surroundings and wildlife; do not leave the designated route; avoid riding away from the opened trails and finish your bike tour before sunset.
  • •Do not leave any rubbish behind.

Single trails - have their own rules!

  • •On extremely difficult and dangerous singletrails the following supplementary rules apply:
  • •Please note! You ride at your own risk and only ride at an appropriate speed – the trails are not monitored!
  • •Be on the look-out for hikers, grazing cattle and wild animals – do not ride away from the designated path!
  • •Be mindful of alpine dangers!


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