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Trails in Kirchberg in Tirol

Non-stop downhill and trail fun in Kirchberg in Tirol! For all downhill fans who enjoy dashing across drops, jumps, Northshore elements and steep bends, the bike park trails in Kirchberg and the Kitzbüheler Alpen are just the ticket! Should you want something a bit easier, you can also try the ascent on the Lisi Osl Trail in Kirchberg. If you would like to hone your riding technique on the trail, then contact the bike guides in Bike Academy in Kirchberg.

Lisi Osl Trail

Lisi Osl Trail

Following the tracks of the cross-country World Cup legend Lisi Osl on the same single trail of the Gaisberg in Kirchberg. Namend after the region`s hero, the three-kilometre route guarantees pure downhill enjoyment. You start directly at the lift station of the Gaisbergbahn at 1,270 meters above sea level. The mostly unspoilt course offers around 450 meters of flowy trails and a varienty of fine hair-pin bends. While beginners will have their first experiences with adjacent curves, easy drops or roots, experienced mountain bikers can use the drops for jumps. The medium-difficult trail, which is rated on the singletrack scale throughout with S2, bringgs heaps of fun through its varied character. Mountain bike professionals as well beginners can enjoy this route to the full.

Distance: 2,3 km
Elevation: 450 m
Difficulity: S2 (medium)

Gaisberg Trail

Biker Jause

The Gaisberg Trail on the mountain of the same name in the Kitzbüheler Alpen region is for those who like to charge down the valley with plenty of speed. As the venue of the 2014 Austrian Downhill State Championships, the two-kilometre descent offers everything a true downhill course requires: some soft forest floor, many roots, speed sections, rapid jumps over varied terrain or wooden features. For the demanding descent over 450m, a certain amount of technique os necessary. On the singletrack scale, the trail is consistently rated S3.
The Gaisberg trail runs below the Gaisberg chairlift. Technically challenging, it has some jumps and drops installed for downhill riders. Exitways are available as an alternative.

Distance: 2,3 km
Elevation: 450 m
Difficulty: S3 (difficult)

Wiegalm Trail

Biker Jause

A beautiful nature trail that starts below the Wiegalm and leads over a narrow track (partly as a sharedtrail) with flowy stone and root sections to the valley. As well as this, the trail offers much more, it is the icing on the cake of two fantastic tours that offer everything you need for a perfect day on the bike.

The Wiegalm Trail is also part of the first leg of the legendary KitzAlpBike Marathon, which annually captivates more than a thousand professionals amateurs. The trail can be reached from Brixen im Thale via Route 210 Wiegalm or from Kirchberg via Route 257.

Distance: 1.6 km
Elevation: 400 m
Difficulty: S1 (easy - medium)

Fleckalm Trail


One of the five "Great Trails of Tirol". With a distance of 7.1 kilometres, the Fleckalm Trail is one of the longest single trails in the country. Amidst the impressive mountains of the Kitzbühel Alps, the varied route meanders approximately 1,100 meters down the valley. On the deemingly endless descent with many roots, large and small jumps, finely applied adjacent curves, occasional short climbs and fast speed sections for the perfect enduro feeling. The challenging trail requires a certain amount of concentration, conditioning and riding technique.

Distance: 7.1 km
Elevation: 1.100 m
Difficulty: S2-3 n(medium)


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