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Trails in Kirchberg in Tirol

Non-stop downhill and trail fun in Kirchberg in Tirol! For all downhill fans who enjoy dashing across drops, jumps, Northshore elements and steep bends, the bike park trails in Kirchberg and the Kitzbüheler Alpen are just the ticket! Should you want something a bit easier, you can also try the ascent on the Lisi Osl Trail in Kirchberg. If you would like to hone your riding technique on the trail, then contact the bike guides in Bike Academy in Kirchberg.

Gaisberg Biking

Gaisberg Biking
Gaisberg Biking

Thanks to the new Gaisberg Trail, the Lisi Osl Trail and the Wiegalm Trail, mountain bikers now have a complete range of trails to choose from, all part of the "Gaisberg Biking" experience. The three trails, the "Lisi-Osl Trail", the "Wiegalm Trail" and the "Gaisberg Trail" as well as the official MTB routes on forest tracks and roads open up many combination options, which can be easily found on the map with clearly identified levels of difficulty. Prices for the Gaisberglift can be found here.

Lisi Osl Trail

Lisi Osl Trail

Singletrail with 450m altitude over 2300m. Natural routing of difficulty level S1 to S2 (easy to medium). For Downhill-whizzes and Singletrail-beginners. Ascend in comfort on the Gaisberg lift. Length: 2.5 kilometres Difficulty: S1 - S2

Gaisberg Trail

Biker Jause

Since the beginning of summer 2013, there is a second trail on Gaisberg mountain. The "Gaisberg Trail", in contrast to the Lisi Osl Trail also located on the Gaisberg, is more challenging. The 2 kilometre long trail winds along the lift terrace. Then it crosses the steep slope from where it leads down along the edge of the slope to the finish. The technically challenging trail has some jumps and drops incorporated for downhill riders. Rookies will find chickenways to divert to. Length: 2 kilometres Difficulty level: S3

Wiegalm Trail

Biker Jause

The Wiegalm Trail starts below the “Wiegalm", from which it takes its name. From here, there is a 1.6 kilometre along a narrow hiking trail, rock and root sections into the valley. Length: 1.6 kilometres Difficulty: S2

Bikepark Hopfgarten

Downhill Park - Hopfgarten

600m difference in altitude spread out over 3000 metres of biking routes. That's inclines of up to 30% and plenty of adrenaline! Since the summer of 2011, things are going downhill in Hopfgarten, across rough and smooth, that is. The Bikepark Hopfgarten is the perfect terrain for ambitious downhill fans. Located right next to the Salvenbahn cable car at 1165 metres, the challenging track offers quick, leaning curves, dozens of tables, drops, jumps and corners over a distance of three kilometres. A washing station and state-of-the-art bike and equipment rentals right by the lower terminus complete the new "Bike Hotspot" perfectly. There are special day passes for the Hopfgarten cable car for all bikers. Length: around 3 kilometres Difficulty: difficult

Fleckalm Trail


Hiking trail-like Singletrail from the upper terminus of the Fleckalmbahn cable car across the forest road and through woodland to the upper terminus of the Maierlbahn gondola lift (not operating in summer), continuing over the Ochsalm Hochalm to the junction of the existing hiking trail (pushing section) direction Niedere Fleckalm. Shortly before, the route branches off the hiking trail and leads below the Fleckalm alpine inn to the forest road, along the forest edge, across pasture areas and then through the forest to the lower terminus of the Fleckalmbahn. challenging singletrail, which is also part of the KitzAlpBike-route and the Mountainbike Marathon WC. The Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel has special tickets for bikers who want to repeat the ride. Length: 7 kilometres Difficulty: S2


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