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Kneipp facilities in Aschau near Kirchberg

The invigorating effect of Spertental's Kneipp water on body, spirit and soul!

Kneippanlage Aschau

Tranquillity, health and refreshment - that's what the Kneipp facilities in Spertental offer. with the impressive mountain panorama of the Wilder Kaiser. Ideal for hikers, mountaineers, cyclists and mountain bikers, Nordic Walkers, and also those of you who enjoy excursions who want to have a rest. The facilities provide a great deal of variety, with a classic Kneipp pool, drinks fountain with fresh spring water, facilities for vigorous and fine foot reflex zone massages along with arm and circulation pools. Kneipp for children is an attractive supplementary offer at the existing children's playground. There is a water wheel, a trail, a splash pool along with two classic Kneipp pools, where children get to learn about the healthy element of water in a fun way.

Our Kneipp tip 'the arm pool'

Roll up your sleeves. Dip your right arm into the water slowly. Then follow with the left arm. This sequence is to be followed exactly. The treatment lasts around 20 to 30 seconds. Then wipe the water off your arms and leave your moist skin to air dry.

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