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Alpine lodge and multi-day hikes in Kirchberg in Tirol

A culinary hike to our traditional alpine inns

Hiking in the fresh mountain air gives you an appetite. The lodge landlords look forward to welcoming you for a "refreshment stop". Tirol cooking is known for its many tasty treats, whether it is Kaiserschmarrn pancakes, Tirol Gröstl or Käsespätzle, there is something for every hiker. Kirchberg's lodge landlords emphasise regional and local produce in their delicious culinary treats. Buttermilk from the area's own farms, cheese from the local dairy and meat produce from local beef, everything fresh and carefully cooked and prepared for you. The alpine lodge guide for the Kitzbüheler Alpen which has all the culinary highlights is available in all the tourist information offices. Below is a link to the online alpine lodge hike for the Kitzbüheler Alpen to browse.

Mountain lodges and alpine inns

Mountain lodges and alpine inns
Mountain lodges and alpine inns

All the mountain lodges and alpine inns in Kirchberg in Tirol can be found here. The landlords indulge you with regional and local specialities. More info

Multi-day hike through the mountains in Kirchberg and the Kitzbüheler Alpen

On an alpine lodge hike you get to enjoy dreamy views, local specialities and cosy overnight stay opportunities in the midst of the mountains in Kirchberg and the Kitzbüheler Alpen. Treat yourself on a culinary hike with tasty treats and tidbits provided by regional businesses. During this hike you can also get to know some of the "Brixentaler KochArt" businesses. On a multi-day hike through the wide variety of landscapes in Kirchberg and the Kitzbüheler Alpen, you also get to experience the gentle grass mountains and the rugged high mountain ranges. The contrasting landscapes are not just a real highlight for you as a visitor, locals are also inspired when they stand on the summit of the Großer Rettenstein in Spertental. On your multi-day tour you get to see new surroundings every day.

Recommendations for multi-day hikes from alpine lodge to alpine lodge can be found right here

Emergency App for Tirol Mountain Rescue

Using a Smartphone App you can report an emergency to the control centre in Tirol 'without speaking'. The control centre can then determine the exact location of the accident and passed on to the mountain rescue services. This optimised reporting, alarm and rescue chain is a quantum leap in modern mountain rescue operations. An automatic, faster and more precise locating of a mountaineer who has had an accident to the control centre in Tirol means a more efficient rescue from the ground and from the air. Speedier care of the patient can also save lives and minimise any consequences. It also saves the Mountain Rescue services money and time.

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