Schwedenkapelle beim Klausenbach

The chapel at the Klausenbach - better known as the "Schwedenkapelle" is the goal of the "Antlassprozession" every year. Above the entrance of the church stands: "Up to here and not further came the swedish horsemen - 1643". In the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) there was a serious danger of a Swedish invasion of our region, but they never came to "here." Armed riders from the congregations of Kirchberg, Brixen, and Westendorf, as hot as they were, had to face the Swedes with a priest, who bore the most holy of holies, and had forced them to return at the Klausenbach. Thereupon, an annual rider's procession to the "Klausenkapelle" was praised in return for the risk of danger.

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