KAT Walk Luggage Transport

Included in all KAT Walk Packages

The Kitzbüheler Alpen provide a special service for the KAT Walk Long Distance Hiking Trail namely: luggage transport from stage destination to stage destination. In this way, you can enjoy the day's tour with minimal luggage and never-the-less have all you need for a relaxing holiday!

When booking a KAT Walk Package you needn't worry about a thing: simply leave your luggage at reception before 10 a.m. and the taxi company knows in which accommodation you will be staying that night. You luggage will await you there - your luggage is guaranteed to be at your new place of accommodation by 3 p.m., at the latest, on the day of arrival.

Luggage transport is included in the packages and deals on offer. Only one standard piece of luggage up to 20kg per person will be transported. There may be a surcharge for extra suitcases, bags or rucksacks.

Those transporting the luggage naturally make every effort to deliver your sealed luggage damage-free. However, liability cannot be accepted for loss or damage to it or its contents.

Basic price

Compact Stages 1-5 € 50
Alpine Stages 1-6 € 70
Alpine Stages 1-3 € 40
Alpine Stages 4-6 € 30
* The prices quoted are based on one piece of luggage up to 20 kg and are to be regarded as the total price for the indicated stages.


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