Stage 6: From St. Johann in Tyrol to St. Ulrich at the Pillersee

Alpine pasture spectacle - cows, cheese and culture

Stage 6 of the KAT Walk offers huge variety and leads a rather easy hike onto a secluded plateau of karst formations, Alpine meadows, mountain pines and through a variety of mixed forests. The Kitzbühel Alps present their magnificent and varied aspects, in all facets, on this stage.

Facts about Stage 6

Start St. Johann in Tyrol / center Destination St. Ulrich at the Pillersee / center
Distance 18.5 km Duration on foot approx. 7.5 hours
Uphill approx. 1,100 m Downhill approx. 1,000 m
Level medium / difficult Highest Point 1,550 m

Characteristics of the trail

KAT Walk Kompakt Stage 5 – Mountain pasture spectacle

KAT Walk Kompakt Stage 5 – Mountain pasture spectacle

KAT Walk Kompakt Stage 5 – Mountain pasture spectacle

Variety-packed hike on a secluded plateau which has … karst formations and dry mountain pastures. Mountain pine areas, varied mixed forests and non-stop views in all directions round off this...


  • Duration7:30h

  • Distance19,0km

  • Elevation uphill1000m800m

  • Highest1550m

Detailed description of the trail

In the realm of mountain pastures: St. Johann in Tyrol – St. Ulrich at the Pillersee

Follow the signs for “Kalkstein“ at “Reitham’s” bus stop on the road from Fieberbrunn to St. Johann. Cross over the train tracks in a north-easterly direction and then over the stream. Walking along the access road, head in the direction of the houses in the hamlet of “Reitham (687m). At the junction in the centre, turn to the right and then immediately left along the asphalt road, uphill through the fields and meadows.

The route continues gently uphill past the last of the houses. At about 900m above sea level, turn right at a barrier to a forest road, in the direction of “Kalkstein, Adlerspoint”. Remain on this continuous uphill twisty road until it dips into the forest. After two bends you reach a junction, at approximately 1,120m, where you change onto the left path in the direction of “Adlerspoint”.

Follow uphill along the ridge, taking note of the red/white/red ground markings which lead through alternating forest and Alpine terrain as far as the pass below the “Baumooskogel”. At the turnoff for the “Baumooskogel”, go to the right, slightly downhill to the “Baumoosalm”.

From here, walk a short stretch downhill on the roadway, then slightly uphill to the “Bruggwirtsalm” 1,356m). Always following the signs for “Adlerspoint” walk, with ups and downs, through pasture areas to what was once a mountain restaurant (1,419m, 3hrs from Reitham). Then a short distance further along the roadway until you branch off to the left in the direction of “Kirchberg”.

At first walk through mountain pines, leading onto open mountain pastures from where you can also get to the highest point of the tour at about 1,550m above sea level. Follow this path slightly downhill, which then develops into a meadow track leading down to the “Gerstbergalm” (1,501m). Continue straight-ahead from behind the farm, through the tiny valley in the direction of the “Winterstelleralm”.

The route continues without remarkable alteration in altitude as far as the pass above the “Winterstelleralm”. Remain on the roadway down to the pastures. At the “Winterstelleralm” (1,423m, 1¼ hrs from “Adlerspoint“) aim for the “Schartenalm” or “St.Jakob” walking on a trail, at first a stretch uphill, then in continuous ups and downs through sparse mixed forest over to the ridge at the “Schartenalm”.

Now continue following the signs to St. Jacob and "Eiblberg Einkehr”, through the woods, sometimes through clearings, down to the mountain hut “Eiblberg” (1,000m, 1½ hrs from the “Winterstelleralm”). Then on the access road behind the hut to St. Jakob’s hamlet, “Filzen”. Here aim for “Torfmoos, Bahnhof Fieberbrunn" and travel in a south-westerly direction along a village road passing the houses of “Torfmoos”.

After the last house, the route runs for a short distance through the forest and just before the stage destination at Fieberbrunn’s train station (783m, 45 min from “Eiblberg Einkehr”) along the edge of the forest through fields.

View points

The highlights of the day's stage

When ascending to the "Kalkstein" plateau, you should turn around regularly. The Kitzbühel Horn is practically within reach! Up on the plateau at approximately 1,500m above sea level, the view expands over magnificent views of the surrounding mountains: Lofer and Leogang Steinberg mountains, the Kitzbühel Horn and the eastern side of the Wilder Kaiser, a very seldom, unusual perspective. On the section between the "Winterstelleralm and the "Schartenalm", the view extends to St. Ulrich and the Pillersee Lake.

Food & Beverage opportunities

There are no refreshment opportunities before the "Winterstelleralm". It is therefore recommended that you bring sufficent provisions and drinks along. (There are hardly any possiblities for refills)


Overnight stops

Comfort in nature's paradise

At the end of this day's tour, two special Partner inns await the distance hikers. Local specialities from the region are as important to the service as is the easy-going, comfortable character of the businesses. Halfboard is of course included.

Arrival & Departure

Arrival in St. Johann / center

From Hopfgarten - Kirchberg in Tyrol - Kitzbühel to St. Johann in Tyrol with the train.
From St. Ulrich at the Pillersee to St.Johann with the bus and train.
Timetable available on

Departure from St. Ulrich at the Pillersee

The stage ends in the center of St. Ulrich at the Pillersee. From here you can return with the bus to St.Johann in Tyrol - Kitzbühel - Kirchberg in Tyrol - Hopfgarten.
Timetable available on

The nicest picturesKitzbüheler Alpen

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