Stage 4: From the Spertental Valley to Kitzbühel

Sheer World-Cup "Feeling" - from the Hahnenkamm via the legendary "Streif"

The fourth stage of the KAT-Walk wanders over the tracks of the legendary Hahnenkamm-Downhill Race. You get a taste of the World-Cup atmosphere: Signposts along the "Streif Downhill Race Track" explain the various stages of the course eg. the "Hausbergkante" - the final jump before the finish line or the "Mausefalle" mouse-trap (ascent also possible with the lift). This day's destination is the town centre of the legendary Alpine sports city: Kitzbühel!
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Facts about Stage 4

Start Aschau / Spertental Valley Destination Kitzbühel / town centre
Distance 16.5 km Duration on foot approx. 6.5 hours
Uphill approx. 1,000m Downhill approx. 1.250m
Level medium / difficult Highest Point 1.938m

Characteristics of the trail

Detailed description of the trail

Hahnenkamm and the Mouse-Trap - World-Cup "Feeling": Aschau - Kitzbühel

Note!!! It is possible to take the cable car from the Hahnenkamm to Kitzbühel, thereby saving yourself two hours descent on foot.

The tour begins in the centre of Aschau. Taking the route between the “Gredwirt” and the “Aschauerhof”, follow the signs for “Pengelstein, 3h”, beginning on the track through meadows, then through short sections of the forest. Even though forest tracks must be crossed-over several times, orientate yourself on the “Pengelstein” / “Schwarzkogel”.

The route continues steadily uphill through the mountain pastures and past the “Kleinmoos Niederalm” (1,624m). The steep route (partially wet in sections) stretches across to the derelict “Oberen Kleinmoosalm” and then onwards through a wide graben/trench to the “Schwarzkogelscharte”.

Moving on in the direction of “Pengelstein”, through Alpine roses and past some small lakes you come to the first ski lift mountain station and the “Pengelstein Lake”. The route runs along the mountain ridge above the less prominent “Pengelstein” summit (3h from Aschau, refreshment possibility) over to the pretty “Jufenalm”. Orientate yourself on the “Ehrenbachhöhe” / “Hahnenkamm”.

Continue on the forest track, downhill to the mountain inn “Hochbrunn”. It is possible to take a short-cut to the inn by crossing over the ski piste ( trail tracks) after just a short stretch on the forest track. With slight ups and downs along the road from “Hochbrunn” you arrive at the Hahnenkamm cable car’s mountain-top station (1,668m, 1½h from “Pengelstein”). From here it is possible to take the cable car directly into Kitzbühel.

For those who still have enough stamina to continue on foot, pass the nearby “Hocheck Hut” and walk downhill via the ski area in the direction of “Seidlalm”. Walk immediately alongside the world-famous “Streif” downhill race course (route no. 26). “Mausefall” (mouse-trap), “Steilhang” or the “Hausbergkante” are well known terms in the ski circuit.

The route brings you across to the easily visible “Seidlalm Lake”. Returning a short stretch to the race course, follow alongside to the “Seidlalm” (1,206m). From the “Seidlalm” remain on the race course hiking trail, branching off to the left just below, onto the route to the “Ganslernalm”. The steep track soon leads into the forest. Above the “Ganslernalm” you arrive back into the ski area and continue for a short stretch on a forest track, then over the piste down to the “Ganslernalm” with a magnificent view of Kitzbühel.

Then along a hiking trail from the grazing pastures, slightly downhill reaching Kitzbühel’s first houses, a bit steeper downhill on an access road, past the Hahnenkamm cable car station to Kitzbühel’s town centre (2h from the Hahnenkamm’s mountain-top station).

View points

The highlights of the day's stage

On the ascent from Aschau, you should look back often as the view of the area is so picturesque. The section from the "Schwarzkogelscharte" to the "Hahnenkamm" consistently provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains:
Lofer and Leogang Steinberg mountains, Großglockner and Großvenediger, the Zillertal Alps, Rofan, Mangfall and Sonnwendjoch mountains and the Bavarian Alps as far as the Wilder Kaiser.

There is a fantastic view of Kitzbühel from the "Ganslernalm".

Food & Beverage opportunities

The first opportunity for refreshments is in the mountain restaurant on the Pengelstein. There are more lodges enroute to the Hahnenkamm's mountain-top station.


The "Siedlalm" is situated directly along the descending route from the "Hahnenkamm" at 1,206 m of altitude, above Kitzbühel. The mountain lodge is well-known for its freshly prepared meals from its own farm's products. "Pressknödel" (cheese dumplings) and "Kaiserschmarren" (traditional pancake dish with raisins, dusted with icing sugar) are the highlights at this friendly, likeable hut!

Mountain Restaurant Pengelstein

The first opportunity for refreshments on this stage promises to deliver delicious regional dishes. You should definitely make time for a quick snack here!

Bergrestaurant Pengelstein

Bergrestaurant Pengelstein

Bergrestaurant Pengelstein

The size and appearance of the central restaurant (directly at the Kasereck, Pengelstein and 3S cable car stations) may not be automatically combined with excellent cuisine. The more surprising you will be the high quality, the freshness of the ingredients, the versatile offer and the cleanliness in all areas. Tip: Alone the good meal offer is worth a stop.

Hahnenkammstraße 1 Kitzbühel0043 5356 6951-1580


Overnight stops

Enjoy Kitzbühel's "Chic"!

In Kitzbühel, the world-famous Alpine town, excellent accommodation awaits you. You will be accommodated practically in the centre of this historical town, where VIPs are also known to frequent quite often. Of course, halfboard and luggage transport to the next stage are included.
Sporthotel Reisch

****-Hotel Reisch
Franz-Reisch-Straße 3
A - 6370 Kitzbühel
Tel.: 0043 5356 633660

Hotel Eggerwirt

***S-Hotel Eggerwirt
Untere Gänsbachgasse 12
A - 6370 Kitzbühel
Tel.: 0043 5356 62455

Hotel Tiefenbrunner

****-Hotel Tiefenbrunner
Vorderstadt 3
A - 6370 Kitzbühel
Tel.: 0043 5356 66680


***-Hotel Resch
Alfons-Petzold-Weg 2
A - 6370 Kitzbühel
Tel.: 0043 5356 62294

Arrival & Departure

Arrival in Aschau / Spertental Valley

From Fieberbrunn - St. Johann in Tyrol - Kitzbühel - Kirchberg in Tyrol OR alternatively from Hopfgarten - Kirchberg in Tyrol with the train. From the train station to Aschau with the public bus.
Timetable available on

It is also possible to drive to the departure point in Aschau - there are sufficient parking facilities there, free-of-charge. However, it must be noted that, on return it will be necessary to take the train/bus or a taxi in order to retrieve your car.

Departure from Kitzbühel

From Kitzbühel/Hahnenkamm train station to Kirchberg in Tyrol - Hopfgarten OR alternatively to St. Johann in Tyrol - St. Ulrich at the Pillersee.
Timetable available on

The nicest picturesKitzbüheler Alpen

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