Tips and advice for long-distance hiking

Have fun hiking with the knowledge of the correct equipment and behaviour!

The following information should assist you to thoroughly enjoy the Kitzbühel Alps long-distance hiking trail from the first day right through to the last.

The correct planning of a tour

Pay attention to the following points

  • Is the route suitable to my capabilities? (In a group, the level should be orientated to the weakest member)
  • Dropout options and possibilities should be planned
  • Weather forecast for the forthcoming days should be checked and regularly updated
  • When initially planning the tour, enquire as to where provisions and drinks can be refilled to avoid carrying several days food supplies along

General Hiking Recommendations

General Hiking Recommendations
General Hiking Recommendations

Protect yourself, nature and the environment. With the general hiking recommendations and common sense, you always know how to behave correctly! More info

A lot depends on the correct equipment

Checklist rucksack packing

Hence, you should be prepared for all circumstances

  • Breathable outdoor gear, which is also suitable for the following day's weather
  • Sufficient provisions and drinks for every day (check availability at the mountain huts)
  • First-Aid equipment
  • Mobile phone, completely charged, and re-charger
  • Hiking maps and guide books / descriptions
  • Sun protection (sun glasses, sun cream and hat)
  • Overnight utensils, sleeping bag, etc.
  • Rain gear
  • Money / Cash

General advice

So that nothing can go wrong!

  • Confirm orientation regularly
  • When planning, it is important to remember that the body cannot perform to the same high level everyday; increase efforts slowly and don't begin with the main stage of the tour on the first day.
  • Take flip-flops or other comfortable shoes along with you; after a day's hiking it is a pleasure to remove your hiking boots and slip into something more comfortable; hiking boots are often taboo in the sleeping quarters of the huts.
  • Plan "exit" strategies: where can the tour be terminated as soon as possible? Where can I find shelter in bad weather?
  • Weather: ask the hut's hosts for the forecast. They know the local conditions and their tendencies to develop; it's better to terminate a tour prematurely than to be caught in a storm on the mountains.
  • Be aware of Alpine dangers
  • Equipment: bivy sack, knirps, hiking sticks, hat, gloves
  • Temperatures: different temperatures and weather conditions can prevail in the mountains than in the valley; per 100 metres of altitude, 1°C decrease in temperature can be expected; suitable clothing must be considered

Important KAT-Walk peculiarities

The KAT-Walk has some peculiarities. With the following tips, we would like to ensure your Kitzbühel Alps Long Distance Hiking Trail is even more enjoyable.

  • Packed lunches for the journey: many stages cannot offer a lunch break in a hut or restaurant. Please ask your respective hosts/landlords if they can prepare a small packed lunch for the next stage. They are always happy to help you. The packed lunches are available at a small extra charge, to be paid then. This service is particularly recommended on stages 2, 3 and 6
  • Take sufficient drinks along: on some stages it it not possible to reach drinking water. There are neither huts, lodges, farms nor natural springs along the trail. Please ensure BEFORE the start of the stage that you have sufficient drinks with you. This is particularly recommended on stages 2, 3 and 6
  • Stage shortcuts: At the end of Stage 4 (Aschau - Kitzbühel) the trail can be cut short with the use of the Hahnenkamm cable car. Stage 5 (Kitzbühel - St. Johann) also facilitates some shortcuts with the help of the Hornbahn cable car. This way you can save time and energy. The cable car tickets are available for purchase in the respective cable car stations. Tip: Request a "Guest Card" from the respective stage's landlord - this ensures a reduction for single trips!


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