Mountain Trails Classification

So that you always estimate your abilities correctly!

Below you will find the official classification criteria for hiking paths and mountain routes. Please be aware, when planning your tour, of the different demands made on both the mind and body. Your hiking adventure will become a fantastic experience when you correctly estimate your ability!

The KAT Walk is classified as a "red mountain route" throughout:

Technical difficulties Requirements from the hiker
"Hiking Trail" Generally accessible walking distance Mountain experience and mountain equipment not necessary
Wide path with low slopes / inclines
"RED MOUNTAIN ROUTES" Medium/difficult, mostly narrow, often steep Alpine experience necessary
Short secured walking and climbing sections possible Appropriate physical condition
Minimum mountain equipment
"Black Mountain Routes" Difficult, narrow, very steep, often exposed Good Alpine experience
Longer, secured climbing sections Strong physical condition
Absolute sure-footed and a head for heights
Appropriate mountain equipment
"Alpine Route" Very difficult Absolute sure-footed, a head for heights, strong physical condition
High Alpine terrain, often not marked and exposed ascents Appropriate mountain equipment
Unsecured hiking and climbing passages Excellent orientation capabilities


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