Your KAT-Walk Hosts

You can find out all you need to know about the KAT-Walk hosts here. Both the accommodation establishments and the refreshment stops along the Kitzbühel Alps - Long Distance Hiking Trails vouch for best quality and very special moments on this unique distance hiking experience.

The nicest picturesKitzbüheler Alpen

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KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4069 KAT Walk Etappe 5: Eifersbacher Wasserfall KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4045 KAT Walk Etappe 6: Gerstbergalm KATwalk@PeterVonier_vonier 100 KAT Walk Etappe 6: Gerstbergalm KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4569 KAT Walk Etappe 5: Ludwig Scheiber Steig KAT Walk Etappe 6: Bruggwirtsalm KATwalk@PeterVonier_IMG_2177 KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4151 KATwalk@PeterVonier_3-P1040844 KAT Walk Etappe 6: Herbststimmung in St. Johann in Tirol KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO3833 KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO3851 KAT Walk Etappe 6: Blick auf die Lindtalalm KAT Walk Etappe 5: Schlosserberg-See KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4338


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