KAT-Walk for Beginners: 3 days, 4 nights

Only half as long but equally impressive!

Your tour includes the first three days' stages of the KAT-Walk through the Kitzbühel Alps. Over 52 kilometres and with an altitude of 3,050 metres between Hopfgarten and Aschau in Kirchberg, you will experience new highlights daily and all that with every imaginable comfort.
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The KAT-Walk Beginners Package

Included services

  • 4 overnights accommodation in selected quality establishments*
  • Half-board in all reserved lodges and hotels
  • Luggage transport for all stages**
  • Taxes and charges

Per person: EUR 259.00 in a double room

Per person: EUR 289.00 in a singleroom

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KAT Walk Etappe 6: Bruggwirtskreuz KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4059 KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4338 KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4095 KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4314 KAT Walk Etappe 5: Eifersbacher Wasserfall KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO3810 KATwalk@PeterVonier_ml-leg hahnenkamm seilbahn A0060223©medialounge KAT Walk Etappe 6: Baumooskogel KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4097 KAT Walk Etappe 6: Baumooskogel KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4392 KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4048 KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO3978 KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4183 KATwalk@PeterVonier_L1010892 KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO4011 KATwalk@PeterVonier__PVO3895
* The accommodation will be reserved according to availability and can range, within all categories, from very sophisticated inns to 4-star hotels

Please send me an offer for the KAT-Walk Beginners Package (3 days, 4 nights) including halfboard and luggage transport.


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