KAT-Walk for Connoisseurs: 3 days, 4 nights

The comfortable shorter distance through the Kitzbühel Alps

Over three stages, from Aschau / Kirchberg as far as St. Ulrich at the Pillersee, experience the Kitzbühel Alps from their most beautiful side. Throughout the 52.1 kilometres and 3,450 meteres of altitude, not only luxurious accommodation awaits you, but also the best food and breath-taking views and insights of the Tyrolean Alpine world.

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The KAT-Walk Connoisseur's Package

Included services

  • 4 overnights accommodation in selected quality establishments*
  • Half-board in all reserved lodges and hotels
  • Luggage transport for all stages
  • Taxes and charges

Per person: EUR 299.00 in a double room

Per person: EUR 329.00 in a single room

The nicest picturesKitzbüheler Alpen

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* The accommodation will be reserved according to availability. On these stages, you accommodation will be principally in 3* and 4* hotels.

Please send me an offer for the KAT-Walk Connoisseur Package (3 days, 4 nights) including halfboard and luggage transport .

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