SkiWelt Panoramic Trail


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  • access_time6:45 hDuration
  • arrow_right_alt20,0 kmDistance
  • terrain1658 mHighest point
  • trending_up720 mUphill
  • trending_down820 mDownhill
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Tour information

The tour is mostly on easy hiking trails with only a short section of moderate difficulty. The numerous refreshment stops serving regional delicacies, the glorious scenery of the Kitzbühel Alps with stunning views of the imposing Wilder Kaiser to the north and the main ridge of the Alps to the south make the hike a truly wonderful experience you’ll never forget.

The SkiWelt Panoramic Trail can be hiked in many different ways. Access points and means of ascent and descent on the Bergbahnen Wilder Kaiser – Brixental summer cable cars are to be found in all four of the villages of the Kaiser region: Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll. The Bergbahn Erlebnis-Card gives you unlimited use of all the cable cars as well as entry to the Adventure Worlds.
And the KaiserJet brings you back to your starting point.

Full course of the trail
Astberg – Hochsöll             20 km         840 m ascent        940 m descent          app. 6 h (actual walking time) 
Hochsöll – Astberg                20 km         940 m ascent        840 m descent          app. 6 h (actual walking time) 
Astberg – Hartkaiser             13,8 km        690 m ascent        410 m descent          4h
Astberg – Brandstadl            12,6 km        720 m ascent        330 m descent          3h 45 min

Hartkaiser – Astberg             13,8 km       410 m ascent        690 m descent          4h          
Hartkaiser – Brandstadl          2,9 km       180 m ascent          50 m descent                50 min
Hartkaiser – Hochsöll           12,2 km        320 m ascent       700 m descent           3h 30 min

Brandstadl – Hochsöll          11 km           230 m ascent        720 m descent          3h 15 min
Brandstadl – Hartkaiser         2,9 km           50 m ascent       180  m descent               50 min
Brandstadl – Astberg           12,6 km         330 m ascent       720 m descent          3h 45 min
Hochsöll – Brandstadl          11 km            720 m ascent       230 m descent          3h 30 min
Hochsöll – Hartkaiser           12,2 km        700 m ascent       320 m descent           3h 45 min


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SkiWelt Panoramic Trail


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  • The composition of the trail varies between forest roads, meadow and forest trails.
  • Rucksack, hiking/mountaineering boots, hiking gear (breathable), change of clothes, sun protection (sunglasses, sun cream, headgear), waterproofs (hardshell), cold protection (gloves and hat), water bottle, food for eating on the way, hiking poles if desired, first aid kit, plastic bag for waste, hiking map/route description (gpx track)
  • Coming on B178 road from Wörgl, Kufstein or St. Johann, drive to the cable car valley station of your chosen point of departure.
  • At the valley stations of every summer cable car in Ellmau, Going, Scheffau and Söll.

Restaurants & infrastructure


Lake Schwarzsee

Lake SchwarzseeEasy
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