VZ Komma: Stefan Waghubinger 'Ich sag´s jetzt nur zu Ihnen'

Wörgl, KR Martin Pichler-Straße 21a

Waghubinger (C)Gerö_Gröschel-Presse



Event information

Stefan Waghubinger
"I'm just saying it to you now"

Straight from the heart of life, sometimes nasty but always insanely funny, cynical and warm-hearted at the same time. These are attributes one associates with this Austrian cabaret artist.

He only says of himself that he does Austrian whining and nagging, but with German thoroughness....

Ticket Info: VVK € 22,50 | AK € 25,-

Advance ticket sales at all Raiffeisen banks in Tyrol, at Bücher Zangerl (Salzburger Straße & M4 Wörgl), at every oeticket.com sales point, at VZ Komma and at komma.at.

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