VZ Komma: Reading with Yvonne Widler

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Reading: "Heimat bis du toter Töchter"

Panel discussion with YvonneWidler,
Provincial Councillor Eva Pawlata and Martin Christandl from the Mannsbilder Association

Land of mountains, land of femicides: Austria is the country in the EU with the highest rate of femicide. These women were murdered by men close to them because they are women. In her book "Heimat bist du toter Töchter" (Home is you dead daughters), journalist Yvonne Widler gives back to the murdered women what was brutally taken from them: a voice that tells their story. In this book, the author searches for answers: Who are the perpetrators and what do they have in common? Where are the roots of misogyny in Austria? And above all:Where do we have to start in the fight against systemic violence against women?

The event is free of charge.
Further information can be found at www.komma.at

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