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Wörgl, KR Martin Pichler-Straße 21a

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Paul Meek, one of Europe's best-known spiritual afterlife contact mediums, Paul Meek is coming to Wörgl on 6.11.2022.

He will give a lecture on communication with the afterlife followed by a mediumistic evening during which he will make contact with the spiritual world and transmit personal messages from the deceased. Known from German television, it has been a matter of the heart for Paul Meek to support and comfort the bereaved for many decades.

"We are more than just flesh and blood. We are spirit and soul in the physical body and therefore immortal." Paul Meek"

The talk "Communicating with the Afterlife" starts at 3:30pm / Admission 2:30pm. The mediumistic evening with personal messages from the spiritual world starts at 6:30 pm / admission 6:00 pm

Ticket price: 40 € for lecture and mediumistic evening. Tickets at www.medialer-abend.de, Tel: +49 (0)911 - 67 56 97 Ms Eva Griechenbaum, tickets@paulmeek.de and at the box office.

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