Schlager party Lara Bianca Fuchs

Hopfgarten im Brixental, Penningbergstraße 65

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The enchanting pop singer Lara Bianca Fuchs, known from radio and television, entertains you this evening at the Leamwirt in Hopfgarten. On several studio albums she was able to show the Schlager industry and her fans what is hidden in the blonde power woman: a great voice and a lot of feeling! Songs and albums by Lara Bianca Fuchs, such as "Bis ans Ende der Welt", "Solo con Te", "Mit den Waffen einer Frau", "Ich schenk dir die Sonne", "Wahnsinn", "Seelenverwandt", "Gemeinsam statt einsam", or "Hello" have long since established themselves and have become absolute highlights. Lara lives and loves every single one of her songs, which is immediately apparent to the audience when the singer enters the stage.

Meeting Place: Hotel Leamwirt, Penningbergstraße 65, 6361 Hopfgarten
Reservation: Hotel Leamwirt T: 0043 5335 2296
Cost with/without guest card: free

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    Gasthof Leamwirt, Hopfgarten

    Penningbergstraße 65, 6361 Hopfgarten im Brixental

    Telefon: 0043 5335 2296Email:
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    Hotel Leamwirt

    Familie Bianca Fuchs

    Penningbergstraße 65

    6361 Hopfgarten im Brixental

    Telefon: 0043 5335 2296Email:


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    Infobüro Hopfgarten

    Brixentaler Straße 41

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