Perchtentreff with St. Nicholas

Itter, Dorfplatz 2

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Perchtentreff with St. Nicholas

This is how the Christmas season begins in Tyrol, with the Perchtenläufen.
Bells, goose-skin and creepy masks (called larvae) drive the bad spirits out of the respective community.

Everywhere it's a little different, so let us surprise you with what it's like here in Itter.

The first pass begins at 4:30 p.m., and around 5:30 p.m. St. Nicholas arrives and brings the children a small gift.

16:30 Uhr EibergPass
17:30 Uhr Nikolauseinzug
18:00 Uhr GroahoizPass
19:00 Uhr WidderkopfPass
20:00 Uhr SölleukenPass
21:00 Uhr LaudaPass

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