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Kirchbichl, Pfarrgasse 3

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Wistfully, sadly, frightened and in despair, the once extremely happy and brave stable girl Theresia tells her story of the hard, cold and loveless life on the Kalteiserhof, whose regimental leader is the big farmer Arb. What belongs together, belongs together. But only as long as it serves the farm, the money and the inheritance contracts. As long as all this is not in the dry, neither honor nor love has lost anything on the farm.

The Volksbühne Kirchbichl points out that this play is not suitable for children and young people under the age of 14.

Tickets: € 10

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    Pfarrgasse 3, 6322 Kirchbichl

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    Volksbühne Kirchbichl

    6322 Kirchbichl

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