Wörgl, Brixentaler Straße 43

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Director: Mike Zangerl
Players: Mike Zangerl, Johannes Schlögl, Othmar Haller, Leonie Köck, Jovi Zangerl

Theatre Unterland plays the comedy "Extrawurst" by Dietmar Jacobs and Moritz Netenjakob.

TC Wörgl" holds its public general meeting.

Since we, as Wörglers, also play here in Wörgl, we have chosen this venue. Of course, this could be transferred to any other tennis club.

Just not to "TC Kufstein", because that would be unthinkable for our president Herbert for some unknown reason...

At the general meeting, all points, such as the new players' clothing, the new clubhouse, etc., are more or less waved through without any problems. Only the purchase of a new barbecue seems to cause problems.

Since our best player, Dr. Erol Oturan, is not allowed to fry his garlic sausage on the same grill with pork for religious reasons, a heated discussion begins about the purchase of a second, third or fourth grill(s).

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      Zone Wörgl

      Brixentaler Straße 43, 6300 Wörgl