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4-day Kitzbühel Alps Ski Touring Transition

The gentle grass mountains in the tributary valleys Kelchsau, Windau and Spertental definitely belong to the most beautiful ski touring areas in Austria.
Accompanied by the sight of famous peaks such as the Grossglockner and the Großvenediger in the distance, each tour is bound to become sensational. However snow conditions are or which season you choose, the range of the most diversified tours is vast. Each ski touring enthusiast, no matter whether beginner or experienced, finds his or her perfect tour in the Kitzbühel Alps.

Several years ago, the “Woipertouriger” initiative was launched – a project to protect the natural habitat of wild animals in the Kitzbühel Alps – and it has proved itself ever since. Large information boards have been set up at the tour starts in Kelchsau and Windau. They give all necessary information and tips how to support the project.

Tour description - 4-day tour through the Kitzbühel Alps


Duration: 4 days (3 overnight stays)
Level of fitness: medium
Level of difficulty: medium
Season: January to March/ April

Day 1: Kelchsau - Feldalphorn - Schwaigerberghorn - Kelchsau

„Feldalphorn“ mountain is considered one of the easiest ski touring destinations in the Kitzbühel Alps.
It is just the perfect mountain for ski touring novices and to start our 4-day transition.

Most ski toureres prefer ascending from the Wildschönau, but the ascent from Kelchsau is quieter.
The transition to Schwaigberghorn is easy and makes the tour a memorable day tour.

From the Kelchsau ski area to Feldalphorn

(c) Stefan Herbke.

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Day 2: Erla Brennhütte - Schafsiedel - Neue Bamberger Hütte

In close vicinity to the alpine hut „Neue Bamberger Hütte“ , there is the popular “Schafsiedel” mountain.
Our tour leads us from the “Langer Grund” valley in Kelchsau to its peak. The quiet ascent via the western mountain crest gets rewarded with an amazing descent past the 3 “Wildalmsee” lakes.

Schafsiedel Westgrat zur Bamberger Huette HD

(c) Stefan Herbke.

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Day 3: Neue Bamberger Hütte - Kröndlhorn - Steinbergstein - Gasthaus Steinberg

Day 3 is going to be a physical challenge but we will be rewarded with 3 summit conquests. The long descent from Steinbergstein mountain down to the Windau valley compensates for the strenuous 1325 high metres we had to deal with before.

Kitzbühel Alps ski touring transition - stage 3

Kitzbühel Alps ski touring transition - stage 3

Kitzbühel Alps ski touring transition - stage 3

Neue Bamberger Hütte - Kröndlhorn - Schneegrubenspitze - Steinbergstein - Gasthaus Steinberg


  • Duration7:00h

  • Distance18,9km

  • Elevation uphill1325m2215m

  • Highest2444m

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Day 4: Gasthaus Steinberg - Gerstinger Joch - Aschau

A ski tour to „Gerstinger Joch“ mountain is typical for the Kitzbühel Alps. Uncomplicated, ski-friendly slopes without any difficulties await us when ascending and descending to and from “Gerstinger Joch” mountain. Our 4-day Kitzbühel Alps transition ends with an amazing traverse to Spertental valley.

Kitzbühel Alps - stage 4

Kitzbühel Alps - stage 4

Kitzbühel Alps - stage 4

Gasthaus Steinberghaus - Gerstinger Joch - Oberlandhütte


  • Duration5:00h

  • Distance12,8km

  • Elevation uphill1180m1100m

  • Highest2035m

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