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The ski pass for the Hohe Salve holiday region - Wilder Kaiser Brixental Ski-World

Hopfgarten and Itter are your gates to the Wilder Kaiser Brixental Ski-World: Austria's largest connected skiing area and - as the name already suggests - a world for skiing and snowboarding. And the commendations to prove it just keep on coming: thanks to its 280 km of pistes, 91 modern lift facilities on top of over 70 'piste stops', the winter fun here is simply "top of the world" and the snow cover reliability is INSANE - 225 km of the pistes can be artificially snowed within 3 days.

From treeless summit slopes for the carvers, to versatile technical slopes and family pistes flooded with sunlight, right down to valley descents that go "the extra mile", all the pistes are in peak condition.

Whether you come with the family, as a couple, with friends, by yourself or in a group, everyone gets their money's worth and everyone gets a deal that suits them - guaranteed!

Ski pass prices in the Wilder Kaiser Brixental Ski-World

DescriptionHS personHS youthHS childNS personNS youthNS child
UP TO 12:00 HRS.33.5025.0017.0030.0022.5015.50
11:00 PASS42.5032.0021.5038.5029.0019.50
12:00 PASS37.5028.0019.0034.0025.0017.00
13:00 PASS32.0024.0016.0029.0021.5014.50
14:00 PASS25.0019.0012.5022.5017.0011.50
DAY PASS47.0035.5023.5042.5032.0021.00
2-DAY PASS93.0070.0046.5079.0059.5039.50
3-DAY PASS133.50100.0067.00113.5085.0056.50
4-DAY PASS172.00129.0086.00146.00109.5073.00
5-DAY PASS206.50155.00103.50175.50131.5088.00
6-DAY PASS235.00176.50117.50200.00150.00100.00
7-DAY PASS262.50197.00131.50223.00167.50111.50
8-DAY PASS287.00215.50143.50244.00183.00122.00
9-DAY PASS309.00232.00154.50262.50197.00131.50
10-DAY PASS329.00247.00164.50279.50209.50140.00
11-DAY PASS350.00262.50175.00297.50223.00149.00
12-DAY PASS369.00277.00184.50313.50235.00157.00
13-DAY PASS387.50290.50194.00329.50247.00164.50
14-DAY PASS404.00303.00202.00343.50257.50171.50
5 IN 7 DAYS216.00162.00108.00183.50137.5092.00
7 IN 10 DAYS274.50206.00137.50233.50175.00116.50
10 IN 14 DAYS336.00252.00168.00285.50214.00143.00
25-point lift pass12.009.006.0012.009.006.00
50-point lift pass21.0016.0010.5021.0016.0010.50
100-point lift pass38.0028.5019.0038.0028.5019.00
Combi-Ticket - 1 1/2 days 77.5058.0039.0070.0052.5035.00
Combi-Ticket 2 1/2 days - from118.5089.0059.50100.5075.5050.50

Data supplied by SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental -

Last update at 05.04.2016 09:29:17 hour

The skiing areas of the Kitzbühel Alps are counted among the best in Tyrol and are well aware of the particular needs of skiers. Each of the skiing areas offer ski passes to meet every requirement - whether it's a ticket for the late riser, for the day, for the family or for the week! Choose your own ski pass from the Kitzbühel Alps range and enjoy the many pistes to the full!

The best, most comprehensive ski pass for 'frequent skiers' is the Kitzbühel Alps AllStarCard. This card is your ticket to ten of the most attractive skiing areas in Europe, which have combined to form the Kitzbühel Alps' skiing network. Over 1000 km of pistes and 279 ski lodges guarantee pure winter fun for the whole family in the skiing network of the Kitzbühel Alps in Tyrol.

Ski passes

Ski passes
Ski passes

All the details about ski passes in the region, for unlimited skiing fun, are available here! More info

Practise your swing turns on the pistes of the Kitzbühel Alps - the top ski region in all the Alps. For skiers and snowboarders alike, the skiing areas of the Kitzbühel Alps in Tyrol offer a range of bargains and deals to suit everyone, so that no obstacle stands between you and your skiing fun.

The hotels and accommodation have special offers with ski pass already included set up for your winter holiday. Take a peek at these packages for your skiing holiday in Tyrol!

Super Ski Weeks from EUR 286,40

Super Ski Weeks from EUR 286,40

from EUR 286,40

Camping ReiterhofHopfgarten im Brixental

Super Ski Weeks from EUR 286,40

  • pitch
  • electricity 4 kw
  • 2 adults

4 nights per unit

Skiing out of school holidays

Skiing out of school holidays

from EUR 287,50

Pension KulmerHopfgarten im Brixental

Skiing out of school holidays

  • 4 nights including breakfast
  • 3-day ski pass for the ski area SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental



from EUR 196,-

Terrassencamping SchlossbergItter


7 nights per unit

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