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Customs in Tyrol: Culture and tradition in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve

Tradition and culture in the Kitzbüheler Alpen have survived and flourished over the centuries. Numerous traditional events let visitors truly experience the cultural wealth: hospitable people, enthusiasm for music and song, the tasty Tyrolean cuisine, handicrafts and much more.

Numerous festivals also showcase the wonderful traditional costumes. Traditional dancing and music complete the events.

Experience culture and tradition - the following highlights await you!

Heritage farms

Heritage farms
Heritage farms

What is a heritage farm, how did they come about and what is the history of these farms. You can learn lots of interesting details here More info

Traditional costumes

Traditional costumes
Traditional costumes

Traditional fashions have gained in popularity in the last few years; what is the reason for this and who wears them? Learn all about it here. More info

Culture and customs

Alpine writer Sepp Kahn

Alpine writer Sepp Kahn
Alpine writer Sepp Kahn

What do you think, is everyday life on the alpine pasture worth writing a book about? Or the life of a lift attendant? Sepp Kahn has written poems, short stories, yes entire novels about this. And he is just about to write another one. More info

Pilgrimage pastor Pfarrer Matthias Oberascher

Pilgrimage pastor Pfarrer Matthias Oberascher
Pilgrimage pastor Pfarrer Matthias Oberascher

"You can pray well in Mariastein", says Pastor Matthias Oberascher. He has been the pilgrimage pastor in Mariastein since 1999 and is no doubt right, because Holy Mass has been celebrated for 640 years in the well-fortified walls of the pilgrimage church. More info

Cultural and traditional events in the Kitzbüheler Alpen

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