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Alpine writer Sepp Kahn: the Osl farmer from Itter

Sepp Kahn, the Osl farmer from Itter, is an old-hand lowlander dialect poet.
The farmer Sepp Kahn from Itter lives all by himself for about 100 days from June to September on his 2 alpine pastures situated at the sunny side of the Lärchenberg Mountain in the Windau valley. He finds peace and the ideas for his stories in the roughly 300 year-old walls of the alpine grazing hut. Not because he idles away his time there (which he also does do according to him), but while working.

The day’s work starts early, about half past five in the morning, and only ends around seven in the evening. In between, the animals and, if they come, visitors are also taken care of, cheese and butter are produced and all kinds of tasks are performed. All by hand!

Sepp Kahn also neatly writes his texts by hand. His “ Almtagebuch” (alpine pasture diary) was also printed outright in his handwriting. He doesn’t want to learn using a computer. But that doesn’t mean he is not concerned with the world of today – quite the contrary. He denounces thinking in terms of profits as well as ignorance and superficiality with irony and humour.” I gladly let the people laugh, until they notice that they themselves are meant, and then they start to reflect”, smiles Sepp Kahn cunningly.

Our hiking tip to the quaint Untere Lärchenbergalm to Sepp Kahn:


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