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VIVAX e-road bike - technical data:

invisible Performance Package
The latest electric road bike vivax veloce CF incl. bottle battery with 9,9 kg in weight only
The latest electric road bike vivax veloce CF incl. bottle battery with 9,9 kg in weight only


  • The lightest bicycle drive in the world - less than 2 kg of additional weight
  • Drive acts at the push of a button
  • Tucked away elegantly in the seat tube the 200-Watt drive acts directly on the crank
  • Compensates differences in personal performances when driving in groups
  • available as a retrofit kit or a complete new bike
  • Weight: e-race bike from 9,3 kg, e-MTB from 13,1 kg, e-trekking bike from 14,7 kg

More technical details about your vivax assist e-road bike:

The drive

The word “Vivax” derives from Latin and means “longevity“. In fact, being especially quiet and durable are the remarkable features of the Vivax drive. The auxiliary drive is permanently connected torque-proof with the crank through a bevel gear unit. With the help of a clever and patented special tool, installing the retrofit kit is child’s play. Errors in assembly are therefore virtually eliminated!

The battery

The smallest version of the battery weighs 850 grams and fully sustains the lightness of the system. The protection circuit board provides an interface to read the important data recorded such as capacity, number of charging cycles, deep discharge and further details.

Electronic control

The electronic control is placed in the seat post. The support power increases when the treadling power of the rider decreases and vice versa. The particularly short and compact design allows for its installation even in very small bikes. The reading and programming is possible at any time, without removing the unit, with a special computer programme.


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