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Cattle driving Festivals in Tyrol - Cattle driving in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve

The driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley, the herdsmen and dairymaids marching home with their cows, has been a wonderful traditional festival in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve for decades.
Geschmückte Kühe beim Almabtrieb

Early morning, the cows and calves are decorated with colorful floral arrangements - an expression of the alpine summer having passed without misfortune. Often, the two-legged and four-legged friends march home for hours and while the lush meadows in the valley await the cows, it's the merry hustle and bustle that the alpine herdsmen and dairymaids look forward to after weeks of silence on the mountains.

Cattle driving in Angerberg, 16.09.2017

On 16 September the driving down of cattle in Angerberg is combined with an autumn festival. The fruit-growing and gardening club along with the farmers of Angerberg inviteyou to the “Ziederberger Bauern” farm in the district of Embach. The first cows areexpected around midday, beginning at 11:00 a.m.

Children can ride the Haflinger ponies,make a fuss of the little animals in the petting zoo or drive the huskies or pedal tractors.From 11:30 a.m. a free tourist train takes children and adults from LandgasthofSchlossblick to the Ziederberger farm where visitors enjoy a musical reception.Admission is free of course.

Tyrolean evening and cattle driving in Hopfgarten and Kelchsau, 29.09. + 30.09.2017

Tyrolean evening in Hopfgarten, 29.09.2017

The Almabtrieb in Hopfgarten and Kelchsau kicks off with a Tyrolean Evening the daybefore to get everyone in the mood for the rustic Tyrolean festivities with lively musicand thigh-slapping Schuhplattler dancers, keeping the traditions alive. Then the actualAlmabtrieb with cattle drive festival welcomes all on the 30th September.

The Tyrolean evening takes place at the Salvena Events Center.
Start: 20:30
Reservations on 0043 57507 7100 or e-mail

Big Cattle Driving Festival in Hopfgarten and Kelchsau, 30.09.2017

If you want to experience real Tyrolean tradition up close, then on no account should youmiss this festival in Kelchsau. With its old original center this small village offers theperfect backdrop for the farmer’s market on the day of the cattle drive. Traditionalhandicrafts and Tyrolean delicacies make this day an event well worth seeing.
Begin atabout 09:00 a.m.

Most of the cows, however, don’t stay in Kelchsau but leave the valley to go on toHopfgarten and Itter. Consequently hundreds of cattle tramp through the Hopfgartnermarket enjoying a warm reception as they make their way home. At 11 o’clock the bandstrikes up and the first treats of the day are served, from typical Tyrolean specialities toprized schnapps. Stock up on local natural products at the farmer’s market andexperience a “Plattenwerfer” (disc throwing) tournament at the Salvena car park.
Craftsmen and women, proud to preserve their traditional working methods, are on handand keen to share their expertise. The festival is organized by the clubs and innkeepers of Hopfgarten, who are looking forward to welcoming all visitors.


Parking fee for buses

  • Euro 30.00 WITH advance reservation at the info office of the Holiday Region Hohe Salve Hopfgarten
  • Euro 50,- OHNE Voranmeldung (Betrag wird vor Ort kassiert)
FREE OF CHARGE: Groups which can verify they are staying overnight in the Holiday Region Hohe Salve or have booked catering for this day (e.g. lunch / coffee break) can participate in the cattle driving free of charge. However, on arrival evidence by the landlord or Holiday Region Hohe Salve needs to be presented.

Impressions that delight . . . watch the video now!

Cattle driving festival -

Cattle driving festival in Hopfgarten, Holiday Region Hohe-Salve.

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