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Culinary show-workshops in Brixental Valley

The manual production of cheese, schnapps and bacon and many other natural products goes back a long time in Brixental Valley. You can witness live ho milk is made into tasty cheese in the regional dairies. In the distillery you can learn all about schnapps and what is important when producing premium spirits. And in the farmer's shops in Brixen, Kirchberg or Westendorf you can buy fresh natural products from Brixental Valley. The fine cheese, schnapps and bacon make perfect gifts to take home.

Kulinarischer Schaubetrieb


Farmer's shop and distillery

Alpine dairy Westendorf

Alpine dairy Westendorf

Alpine dairy Westendorf

The dairy is a small, family-run business. For Sebastian Ehrensberger and his team, quality, regionality and freshness are of the utmost importance. Choose from a wide variety of milk products eg. cheese, yoghurt, curd cheese (quark) as well as cold sausage meats, smoked bacon (speck) and egg products. New in the dairy are homemade “Schlutzkrapfen” and “Brodakrapfen” - typical specialities from the Brixental valley.

Sennereiweg 1 Westendorf0043 5334 6281


Bauernladen Koglerhof, Farm shop

Bauernladen Koglerhof, Farm shop

Bauernladen Koglerhof, Farm shop

The Farmer’s Shop at the Koglerhof farm has a large selection of regional products eg. eggs, cheese, smoked bacon (speck) and pasta, products from both their own and other farms. The farm can be reached from the main road B170, via the water treatment plant or alternatively from the village via Holzham and the public swimming pools. A gift hamper, with products of your choice can be arranged, on request, for special occasions. Gift vouchers can also be purchased.

Au 31 Westendorf0043 5334 6694


Eichtlhof, Organic dairy products

Eichtlhof, Organic dairy products

Eichtlhof, Organic dairy products

The Rieser family’s farm is situated on the Salvenberg in Westendorf. A wide range of products, can be purchased directly from the farm eg. cottage cheese, yoghurt, cheese and spreads. All products have a biological origin and come directly from the farm. Many of the Rieser family’s products are also available for purchase at the dairy in the village.

Salvenberg 21 Westendorf0043 5334 6780


Spirituosen A. Strasser, Liquor store

Spirituosen A. Strasser, Liquor store

Spirituosen A. Strasser, Liquor store

Close to the village centre, Angelika Strasser’s Off-Licence can be found. There is a large selection of various products in her shop - starting with liqueur, schnaps (spirits) and wines to creative ideas for presents. Opening Times: mon, tue, thu, fri 08.00am - 12.00pm and 03.00pm - 06.00pm wed and sat 08.00am - 12.00pm

Sennereiweg 11 Westendorf0043 5334 6553

Here you'll find all the day-trip destinations and other options in Brixental Valley in winter. The range of options is varied and spans from the many attractions to museums and all the way to our poor weather program. The vicinity to the towns of Kufstein, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Munich further facilitates planning your day-trip.

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