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Safety on the slopes and in ski areas

Fast and reliable emergency and accident reports are particularly important and life-saving in an emergency.

In the mountains the European Emergency service is one of the most important numbers because a complete mobile network coverage is almost impossible due to geographical conditions. It can happen that a mobile phone user has no reception in an Alpine emergency. In this situation, the mobile phone can be turned off and after switching it on again, dial "112" instead of keying in the PIN code, or alteratively select the emergency button (if available). The mobile phone then automatically searches for the strongest mobile communications network.

Further advantages of the European Emergency number, 112, which distinguishes it from all other numbers include: its usage in all European countries, free-of-charge and without a SIM card. In addition it is considered an "SOS" call and therefore receives priority in the network. The European Emergency number always has priority so that even other telephone calls can therefore be cancelled. </p>

More contact numbers for general rescue services:

Ambulance Services Tel. 144
Mountain Rescue Tel. 140
Police Tel. 133
Fire Brigade Tel. 122
European Emergency Number Tel. 112
Recognise Alpine dangers
The best equipment is of little use if the user overestimates his ability or the forces of nature are not taken seriously. To facilitate people unfamiliar with the area, slopes are classified according to their level of difficulty and with signs highlighting possible dangers.

The edge of the slope is the boundary of the skiable area within which it is the obligation of the slope management to comply with safety regulations. The edge of the slope can be determined by natural circumstances or be made recognisable by artificial ...... An easy slope, also suitable for beginners, is indicated in blue. Here the inclination may not exceed 25% of the longitudinal and latitudinal slope. Red indicates intermediate slopes for more experienced skiers while black slopes are a challenge for very experienced skiers and professionals.

Avalanche Warning Signs
Signs indicating avalanche warnings and closed slopes should be taken seriously be everyone.</p>


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