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Themed hikes in Tyrol: The best themed hiking trails in Brixental Valley

Discover interesting facts - the themed hiking trails in Brixental Valley and surroundings are equally exciting for adults and children. Learn interesting facts on the farm hike in Kirchberg. Explore the many stations of the Alpinolino Trail in Westendorf under the motto "play, research and discover on the mountain" or see what makes the town of Brixen im Thale so unique on the "Brixner Gangl".

The highlights of themed hiking trails in Brixen, Kirchberg and Westendorf

Brixner Gangl

Brixner Gangl

Brixner Gangl

Beautiful round tour via the idyllic “Schneckgasse“ to the hamlet of Feuring, with its original rural character.


  • Duration2:30h

  • Distance7,0km

  • Elevation uphill260m260m

  • Highest889m

Alpinolino’s “Climb to the Sky”

Alpinolino’s “Climb to the Sky”

Alpinolino’s “Climb to the Sky”

Discover nature around Alpinolino on the “Climb to the Sky”.


  • Duration1:00h

  • Distance2,1km

  • Elevation uphill132m126m

  • Highest1887m

Wohlfühlweg (The Well-Being Trail)

Wohlfühlweg (The Well-Being Trail)

Wohlfühlweg (The Well-Being Trail)

The Well-Being Trail is for everyone who wants to (re)discover the mountains, forest and nature for themselves.


  • Duration1:30h

  • Distance3,6km

  • Elevation uphill160m160m

  • Highest878m




A pleasant walk from farmhouse to farmhouse on the sunny side of Westendorf. Every year the Salvenberg farmers present delicious culinary delights and display traditional handcrafts and customs.


  • Duration2:00h

  • Distance6,4km

  • Elevation uphill386m393m

  • Highest1127m

Find more hikes and tours here

Route and touring portal

Route and touring portal
Route and touring portal

Here you can find all hikes in Brixen, Kirchbegr and Westendorf clearly arranged and informative. It's easy to select your favourite route. More info

Everything speaks for a hiking holiday in Brixental Valley

What could be better: ... than setting off on a hike early in the morning, always a little closer ... to heaven - all the way up to the peak. On the way - or after having conquered the peak - stop off at a nice alpine lodge for a rest and a snack. Leaning against the pleasantly warm wooden wall with a refreshing drink in hand and the endless views of the surrounding mountains of Tyrol! Experience this feeling of elation for yourself. Browse the best hiking offers of Brixental Valley. It's sure to become your most unforgettable hiking holidays - guaranteed!

Kitzbüheler Alpen Sommer Card

Kitzbüheler Alpen Sommer Card
Kitzbüheler Alpen Sommer Card

You get to 'experience' all 36 summer cable cars in the Kitzbüheler Alpen with just one lift ticket. This is the best value entry ticket in the mountains. More info


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