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Gourmet hiking in Brixental Valley: a culinary journey through the Kitzbüheler Alpen

The landlords in Brixental Valley look forward to serve you with refreshments on your rest stop. Tyrolean cuisine is known for many delicacies, be it 'Kaiserschmarrn' (sweet pancakes with raisins), 'Gröstl' (roast meat and potatoes) or cheese spaetzle, there's something for everyone. The Tyrolean landlords focus on regional and local produce. Buttermilk from the local farm, cheese from the dairy or meat products from local beef, everything is freshly and carefully prepared and cooked for you.

Opening hours of the restaurants in Brixen, Kirchberg and Westendorf

Hut guide - all huts at a glance

In the hut guide for the Kitzbüheler Alpen you can find all huts offering culinary highlights - available in all info offices in Brixental Valley. Below is the link to the online hut guide to browse.

Delicacy tours in Brixental Valley




Die Sonnbergmeile ist eine Hof-zu-Hof-Wanderung. Sechs Bauernhöfe liegen auf der Strecke.


  • Duration3:30h

  • Distance9,5km

  • Elevation uphill452m418m

  • Highest1106m

Westendorf: “ Schmankerlweg“ („The Delicacies Trail“)

Westendorf:  “ Schmankerlweg“ („The Delicacies Trail“)

Westendorf: “ Schmankerlweg“ („The Delicacies Trail“)

A special kind of „Shopping Street“: Surrounded by magnificent mountains, you can get even closer to nature and purchase food produced directly on the farms, while strengthening both body and mind w...


  • Duration3:30h

  • Distance15,0km

  • Elevation uphill722m719m

  • Highest999m




A pleasant walk from farmhouse to farmhouse on the sunny side of Westendorf. Every year the Salvenberg farmers present delicious culinary delights and display traditional handcrafts and customs.


  • Duration2:00h

  • Distance6,4km

  • Elevation uphill386m393m

  • Highest1127m

Culinary hikes: our hiking guides will lead you through Brixental Valley

Our hiking guides from Brixen, Kirchberg and Westendorf haben have a suitable hike ready for any day and weather. Some are interesting such as the local tour or rustic and culinary such as a heart breakfast on the mountain or schnapps tasting. They will show you the most scenic trails and best huts and also lead you to a fine "morsel of nature" and show you all the delicious things to be found on a hike through the Tyrolean mountains.

Annelies Wallner's Hochgenusstour also offer guided culinary hikes:


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