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Brixentaler Antlassritt - Traditions and customs in Tyrol

31st of May 2018 in Brixen, Kirchberg & Westendorf

Tradition is important in the Brixen Valley - the Brixentaler Antlassritt has taken place for over 300 years. Every year, locals and guests alike look forward to this impressive procession with decorated horses parading through Brixental, in which around 100 horsemen from Brixen, Kirchberg and Westendorf participate. The Antlassritt takes place every year on Corpus Christi Day and leads along the state road to Kirchberg all the way to the rest area ("Schwedenkapelle") and back. The local bands and peal of bells accompany the procession.


12:00 The horsemen fom Brixen, Westendorf and Kirchberg meet up at the church of their respective village
13:00 Some 90 horsemen as well as the parish priests of Kirchberg, Brixen and Westendorf meet in front of the parish church in Brixen and ride on decorated horses from Brixen, through Kirchberg to the chapel in Klausen.
14:00 The horseback procession passes through Kirchberg, accompanied by the brass bands of Kirchberg and Aschau. The priest blesses the spectators on the streets, while the horsemen pray during the procession with the rosary. After the service in front of the Klausen Chapel and a short break, it's back on the same route.
NOTE: State road between Kitzbühel and Brixen im Thale will be closed from 13:00 - 16:00!


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