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Ski tours in Tirol: Brixental - a ski touring paradise

It is a well-known fact that Brixental is one of the most interesting ski regions in the world. That said, few are aware that in the Kitzbüheler Alpen and in Brixental in particular there are secluded valleys which offer fantastic ski tours. Great for those who come nonetheless to enjoy the superb panoramic view to the Hohe Tauern (including the Großglockner and the Großvenediger), the Kitzbüheler Horn, the Wilder Kaiser and the no less pretty Lofer and Leogang Stone Mountains. In the Kitzbüheler Alpen you can head out on ski tours when the first snowfall arrives (Bichlalm), in the height of winter (Kelchsau & Spertental) and right through until spring (Wilder Kaiser & Kelchsau).

Brixen ski tours

Ski tour equipment hire stations in Brixen

Ski tour equipment hire stations in Brixen

The ski hire stations in the Kitzbüheler Alpen not only offer Alpine skis, they also provide complete ski tour equipment. All the hire stations can be found here.

Ski tour equipment hire stations in Brixen

Guided tours in Brixental

Guided tours in Brixental

What would it be like to have a ski guide or a mountaineering guide, who could show you the loveliest summits in the Kitzbüheler Alpen and the best ski runs into the valley.

Guided tours in Brixental

Multi-day tours on touring skis

Multi-day tours on touring skis

Discover the Kitzbüheler Alpen during a multi-day ski tour. A weekend, a week ... with a dreamy panorama and fantastic ski runs.

Multi-day tours on touring skis

Ski tour map of the Kitzbüheler Alpen

Ski tour map of the Kitzbüheler Alpen

The ski tour map of the Kitzbüheler Alpen is available in all the tourist information offices in the region, or you can order your own map online.

Ski tour map of the Kitzbüheler Alpen

Rules for ski tourers

 Rules for ski tourers

"The Woipertouringer watches over the Kitzbüheler Alpen"! By observing the rules, you can help protect the habitat of the animals in the Kitzbüheler Alpen.

Rules for ski tourers

4-day ski touring transition

4-day ski touring transition
4-day ski touring transition

Explore the 3 popular ski touring valleys in the Kitzbühel Alps in four days. From Kelchsau valley to Windau valley and further on to the end of our tour, the Spertental valley.
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The secluded lateral valleys in Brixental are particularly suited to ski tours.

Spertental - a paradise for ski tourers

Spertental, which proceeds from Kirchberg in Tirol to the romantic town of Aschau, is the third lateral valley running from north to south in Brixental. Just after Aschau the valley splits into Obere Grund (to the right) and Untere Grund (to the left); a large car parking area (1025m) is also available here. Brechhorn (2037m) and Gerstinger Joch (2035m) can not only be scaled from the Windau, but also from the east. There are many more lovely summits further down in the valley. Even the Großer Rettenstein (2366m) has been tackled on skis.

The Windau - a dream for every ski tourer

Windautal ('Die Windau' as the locals say) is not that long a valley proceeding from north to south, branching off from Westendorf and running parallel to Kelchsautal Valley. At the half-way point is Gasthof Jagerhäusl (815m). This is the starting point for tours to the Lodron (1925m) and the Brechhorn (2037m), in winter Gasthof Steinberghaus (878m) is the end station. From here ski tours run to Gerstinger Joch (2035m) and Steinbergstein (2215m). Those of you who dread longer, flat sections will find other worthwhile destinations at the head of the valley, such as the Gamskogel (2206m) and the Geige (2084m).


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